TvFix Caster Reviews [2020]- Enjoy Better TV Experience

tvfix caster reviews

Tvfix Caster Reviews

These big cable companies don’t really care about you. They just need your monthly subscription.

You would have noticed that you watch less than 30% of the channels on your cable package. Yet you’re made to pay for all these other crappy channels as well.

The worst part of it is that cable bills don’t come cheap. It’s one of the things people spend money on but never fully use.

But what choice do you have? You still have to watch your favorite shows, your favorite sports, and even the news.

As a matter of fact, you do have several choices. Today, a lot of streaming platforms are taking over viewership from good ol’ cable TV. You have Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and a host of others.

These platforms offer very low payments compared to your cable company. You have more control over it and will be able to enjoy more shows on these platforms.

The problem is that these platforms require internet connectivity and were initially built for devices that could connect to the internet like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Shows are more enjoyable on a larger and crispy screen like your television. I know I prefer watching mine on TV. So what do we do about this?

Today, there are now televisions that can connect to the internet and are called smart TVs. Therefore they can also access these streaming platforms.

However, for a Smart TV, you would have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not everyone has that. Even if they do, not everyone wants to spend that amount on a TV.

If you don’t mind spending on a smart TV, that’s fine. You already got yourself settled. But if you can’t or already have a perfect TV with a crisp HD display, then this article is solely for you.

Tvfix caster is the solution to your problems. This device will make your television useful again while you abolish your cable bills. What is this Tvfix caster?

Well, in this review, I’ll be giving you all the available information about Tvfix caster. How it works, pros and cons, benefits, and a whole lot more. Well, let’s get right to it.

What Is Tvfix Caster?

tvfix caster reviews

Because it’s new in the market, there’s a lot of misunderstanding as to what Tvfix caster is. This is why you’ll likely see different sites saying different things.

Before we get into Tvfix caster, let’s get one thing cleared up. This device does not magically give you free channels or lets your TV stream shows by itself.

Tvfix caster is just a caster as its name suggests. It’s a device that casts whatever is on your smartphone or tablet screen on the TV.

You’d be correct if you say there are a multitude of other devices that do just the same thing. While that may be true, Tvfix caster offers you much more than just casting. Stay with me, I’ll soon reveal the features of this little beast.

This portable and affordable device helps you turn your regular television into a smart one without needing to spend so much money. You might think that it’ll have low quality, but the opposite is the case. We’ll talk more about that later.

The efficiency and affordability of Tvfix caster have made it gain popularity in the US, UK, Australia, and all around the world.

To give you a better view of Tvfix caster, let’s talk about the features it has.

Features Of Tvfix Caster

tvfix caster reviews

Even though there are lots of casters out there, Tvfix caster trumps them by providing you with features that you actually need to improve your viewing experience. Let’s go through them.

1. High Video Quality – I’m sure one of your fears is whether Tvfix caster will reduce the quality of your show. Absolutely not. Tvfix caster can show your movies at the highest possible quality your TV can allow, even up to 4k.

2. Ease Of Use – Just like with every other thing, the easier the better. Tvfix caster is not a technical device that requires expertise to use. Keep on reading and you’ll see how easy it is to use.

3. No Remote – You don’t need a remote to control how Tvfix caster shows on your television. You can do it directly from your connected smartphone.

4. Compatible With All Devices – Tvfix caster can work with any WiFi-enabled device. Whether it is an android, iPhone, tablets, laptops, Tvfix caster is able to work with them. Since almost all TVs now come with HDMI, Tvfix caster is compatible with them. If yours doesn’t have, a cheap VGA to HDMI cable will solve the problem.

5. Not Just For Video –Watching your favorite shows on your big screen sounds amazing but have you ever scrolled through your social media on a big screen? Tvfix also allows you to view your social media and images on your television screen.

4. No Recurring Bill – You’re considering Tvfix caster because you don’t want to pay monthly cable bills anymore so it’ll be an irony if Tvfix caster has one too. With Tvfix caster, you only pay for buying it and that’s all. You’re set.

5. Security And Privacy – Many gadgets/devices have been accused of using people’s information for shady activities or spying on them. This is usually so for brand affiliated with mega-corporations. Tvfix caster is all about a homey and safe experience while watching your movie. Your personal data is well secured because the connection is only between your phone and Tvfix caster.

How Does Tvfix Caster Work?

The best analogy to use in describing how Tvfix caster works is a mirror. As you know, the mirror only shows whatever is in front of it.

In the case of Tvfix caster, it projects whatever video is playing on your smartphone to the television screen. Let’s say you’re using your Netflix account to watch one of your favorite shows, Tvfix makes it available on a bigger and crispier screen for you.

Tvfix is one of the easiest devices to set up as it only takes few minutes and you’re done.

How To Use Tvfix Caster

As I’ve been saying, using Tvfix caster is easy and does not require technical know-how. Fortunately, almost all televisions today have an HDMI port. If it’s missing in yours, don’t worry. You can get a cheap VGA to HDMI cord from the store and it’ll work just fine. Now let’s get down to using this device.

Step 1 –Plug Tvfix caster into your TV using HDMI connection.

Step 2 – Switch your TV settings into HDMI mode

Step 3 – Connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to Tvfix caster using WiFi.

Step 4 –With an internet connection on your smartphone, open any streaming platform, and click on the show you want.

And that’s all you have to do. You can relax to watch your favorites while not bothering about all the other channels you’re not watching but paying for.

Benefits Of Using Tvfix Caster

tvfix caster reviews

There are several things you gain from using Tvfix caster and some of them include;

1. Great Cinematic Experience

You might be in doubt about how well this little device can perform. Rest assured that Tvfix caster will deliver to absolute perfection.

Tvfix caster gives you the highest quality of video and audio available. If your television supports up to 4k resolution, then TVFix caster will display videos to you in 4k!

The limiting factor isn’t the quality of video Tvfix can produce, rather the highest resolution your television is made of.

With Tvfix caster, you’re sure to enjoy your shows or movies in utmost perfect and have a blissful cinematic experience.

2. Saves You Money

Cable TV has been the norm for so long that you don’t even think, you just pay. But when you sit and think about it, you barely get to watch what you pay for.

You pay for packages and watch only like 20% of the channels. The rest is just a waste of money. Well, the cable company doesn’t really care, they just want to be paid.

With Tvfix caster, you can actually focus on things that are important to you for way cheaper subscriptions. If you’re more into sports, then ESPN+ will be ideal for you. Netflix would be best for movie lovers such as me.

If you’ve got these streaming platforms, Tvfix caster can now help you put them on the big crispy screen for you. Video and audio quality will definitely not be lost.

As you can see, over time you’d have saved a shit ton of money from not subscribing to cable.

3. No Smart TV Needed

The idea before was to buy a smart TV if you want to access streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. While that might be right, the price is crazily high.

Getting one smart TV will take you several hundred dollars if not thousands. If you want to get it, then by all means go ahead.

Although there’s a cheaper and more effective method which is using Tvfix caster. With just your smartphone and regular TV, you can recreate whatever a smart TV can do, even better.

4. Choose What You Want

With cables, you just subscribe for a package with different channels which you didn’t pick. So for sure, there’ll be a lot of crappy ones included.

Tvfix caster allows you the liberty to choose what you want to watch. You can decide to watch shows from any streaming platform of your choice. It can be Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, whatever floats your boat.

5. Easy Setup And Usage

Tvfix isn’t one of those devices that require professional help or expertise. It’s something you can set up within few minutes without any prior knowledge of it.

Once you follow the instruction as it is on this article or the manual, you’ll get everything set in less than 5 minutes. It’s just that easy.

There are many more benefits that come with using Tvfix caster, but that’ll make this review drag long. So you can discover some others while you start using this handy little device.

Pros And Cons [Tvfix Caster Reviews]


  • It can be moved around because of its size and portability
  • It is a better option than many other casters out there
  • It ensures your security and privacy
  • Produces the best possible video and audio quality
  • It is very affordable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Can only be bought online through its official website
  • It can be forgotten while plugged in because of its small size
  • Shipping might be delayed a bit

Setup And Installation Guide

Tvfix caster is all about ease and comfort. I’m sure you’d have understood that by now. Setting this device up is as easy as reciting the alphabet. With that said, just follow the steps below to set up yours;

Step  1

tvfix caster reviews

Get your Tvfix caster out of the package and connect it to your television through the HDMI port.

Step 2

tvfix caster reviews

Now, connect Tvfix caster to power using the included USB cable.

Step 3

tvfix caster reviews

When you’re done with the above steps, switch your TV into HDMI mode using the remote

Step 4

tvfix caster reviews

Now, pair your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with Tvfix caster using a WiFi connection.

If you followed this step by step, then you should have finished setting up yours under minutes.

What Can You Watch Using Tvfix Caster?

tvfix caster reviews

Let me repeat what I’ve said before, Tvfix caster doesn’t contain any free channels on its own. Neither will it grant you free access to channels on streaming platforms.

All it does is just to project whatever video is playing on your mobile screen to your television. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking it has channels on its own. This is why people get disappointed when they buy Tvfix caster, due to wrong information from review websites.

That being said, you can literally watch anything on your television through Tvfix caster. Once you have an account with the platform and the video is playing on your smartphone, then TVFix takes it and puts on your television screen.

As we know today, there are thousands, if not millions of streaming platforms out there. All can work with Tvfix caster. Some of the most popular ones you’d be using frequently with Tvfix caster are;

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon prime videos
  • HGTV
  • Cinemax
  • Disney+
  • ESPN+
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • Showtime
  • Pluto Tv

This isn’t an exhaustive list but you get the gist. You can also cast music on your television as well as your social media feed containing images.

If you’re an academic, then you can use it for all the seminars, webinars, classes, and presentations you’d be involved in. It makes everything clearer and simple.

Who Is Tvfix Caster For?

tvfix caster review

Tvfix caster is for anybody who wants to enjoy a good screen time without being overcharged for it.

Cable bill is on the rise, yet the quality of their content is declining. So in essence you’re just paying for a few good channels and a whole lot of other crappy ones. If you’re fed up with wasting money, then TVFix is ideal for you.

Not everyone is always at home ready to watch every channel they subscribed to. At the end of the day, you watch nothing more than 20% of the channels you have access to. With Tvfix caster, you can choose what you want to watch by yourself and at what time.

Tvfix caster is also perfect for people who value their privacy. This device is just connected to your smartphone and that’s it. There is no external mediator involved.

This way you’re certain that no agency is using the device to spy on you or taking your personal information for shady activities.

If you already have a perfectly good television and want to cancel your cable, then TVFix is your go-to. It eliminates the need for you to spend money on these expensive smart TVs.

This powerful device will drive your cinematic experience to the peak with high-quality videos and ensure privacy.

Should You Buy Tvfix Caster?

tvfix caster review

This article aims to provide you with all the available information to help you make an informed buying decision. So ultimately, that decision is for you to make.

However, my suggestion is for you to buy Tvfix caster. That you’re reading this article means you’re considering Tvfix caster and ready to do away with your cable.

If you’re big on display and video quality, then don’t worry, Tvfix wouldn’t disappoint you. It promises to deliver the highest possible video quality your television can allow. Even up to 4k!

It is easy to use and ensures your privacy unlike the other alternatives out there that might spy on you.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Tvfix caster doesn’t provide you with any channels by itself. It only projects what’s on your phone to the TV but at a very high quality.

How Much Is TVFix Caster?

Being affordable is one of the perks Tvfix caster has. Even though it outperforms other casters in terms of quality and security, it’s still cheaper than them. Imagine!

For now, Tvfix caster is sold for just $49.99. That’s just insanely cheap compared to others.

Although it’s that cheap because the manufacturer is running a 50% discount at the moment. You should grab yours now before it goes back to the original price of $99.98.

Where To Buy It

I’d advise you to buy Tvfix caster only from the official website. This way, you’re sure of getting an original product and not a fake. To make it easier, you can click any button on this page and you’ll be redirected to the official website.

Once there you’ll see different packages that might be suitable for you. The choice is yours to make.

During checkout, you’d have to fill in your preferred location address and payment information. Rest assured that your payment info is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

You’ll be provided with different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Tvfix Caster Customer Reviews

I love the TVFix and I have one installed on every TV in my home! Flawless casting for Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, etc. You can find Android apps that you can use to beam just about any video to your TV.

Pete G.

Switching from Hulu to Netflix to Sling TV to Youtube is INSTANT. No interruptions and loading is quick! The big boys like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix come in perfect. I would pay twice as much for this thing!

Heidi K.

This thing is like magic! It’s the second one I’ve bought, I had to give the first one to my Dad. He can’t believe he doesn’t have to sit at the computer to watch movies anymore. Just plug it in and go! I always say my TVFix is the best $134.89 bucks I’ve ever spent!

Monica H.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Shopping on the internet is something to be careful about because there are websites that will paint a product as a Messiah that it isn’t.

As for TVFix caster, several hundred people have positively testified on how good and effective it is. This device is all about that comfortable and private feeling you get while watching television.

To further clear your doubt, Tvfix caster comes with a 30-day Money-Back guarantee. This means you have 30 days to use the product risk-free.

If Tvfix caster performs below your expectations within that 30 days, you’re free to return it for a full refund. Remember to return it in its original packaging and without damage.

FAQs [Tvfix Caster Review]

Does Tvfix caster really work?

It does. According to the hundreds of customer reviews online, Tvfix caster is able to deliver on its promise.

Do I need to buy anything else?

No, you don’t. Everything that’s needed comes included in the box

Is the device secure?

Yes, it is. Tvfix caster doesn’t spy on you or take your personal information like others.


At this point, you already have tons of knowledge about Tvfix caster and able to say whether you need it or not.

Tvfix caster is a device that saves you from those scary cable bill that keeps piling up every month. It’s not even like you get to enjoy the Channels. It’s either they’re crappy or you’re not usually around.

This device gives you a total cinematic experience with great quality video and audio. The crispier the better.

You don’t need to empty your savings just to buy a smart TV. Just let Tvfix caster put the smarts on your regular TV. With this device, you can have anything offered by a smart TV, even more.

Get Tvfix caster today and enjoy a complete cinematic experience. Click the button below to get yours.