SoloForce Reviews [2020]- The Ultimate Power Bank You Need!

soloforce reviews

SoloForce Reviews

Today, one of the most annoying and frustrating things is when your phone runs out of battery when you need it.

With the fast advancement in technology, we’ve come to depend a lot on battery-powered devices. Our smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, music box, etc.

The area of research right now is how to make a battery that can last very long with minimal charge. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much progress there yet.

To solve this problem, power banks came into existence. As the name suggests, it’s a bank where you store power for future use when your gadget runs out.

Over the past few years, power banks have gained so much popularity because of the ever-increasing dependence on battery power gadgets. Imagine what your life would be without your smartphone.

A power bank is a portable device that can be charged using a USB. It then holds power for you to charge your other gadgets when they’re running low and you’re not close to an electric socket.

Although power banks seem to be the savior when it comes to charging other devices, it still contains a battery and needs to be charged too. Therefore a power bank would be useless to you if you don’t have electricity.

However, different types of power banks have been made to suit the taste of different people. Apart from size and battery capacity, the charging mode differentiates power banks into different categories.

Some are strictly wired, that is they’re charged with a USB cord and can only charge your gadgets using a USB cord as well.

Some others are solar-powered. Manufacturers are trying to remove the hindrance of the need for electricity when it comes to power banks. However, solar charging is too slow, so a USB port is still included to charge it.

The rest can be charged with USB but charges other gadgets wirelessly. How cool is that?

Just charge up the power bank and place your phone on it, boom! It’s charging. Although, you should take note that only phones or gadgets that support wireless charging can be used with this.

To get a power bank, you need to consider several things such as power, price, and portability. With that being said, one of the best power banks that excel in all those areas is SoloForce power bank.

It is a solar-powered power bank that has been applauded by users for its efficiency and long-lasting battery.

In this review, we’ll be going over all the necessary details for you to make an informed buying decision. Let’s go.

What Is SoloForce Power Bank?

soloforce reviews

SoloForce is a portable power bank that can be used to charge up your gadgets when required. It makes use of solar energy, hence doesn’t require you to ever worry about plugging it in.

SoloForce has been extensively used and praised by a lot of people. Even product reviewers have tested it against other power banks and it came out on top.

One of its charms is how it looks. SoloForce isn’t only about what’s under the hood. It is also designed to be appealing to the eyes with a sleek and classic build. It has a very nice and modern body, unlike the many power banks out there.

As I said earlier, many power banks that use solar energy to charge are usually slow therefore also include a USB port. However, that is not so with SoloForce. Its technology has been advanced to efficiently and quickly harness the energy given off by the sun.

You don’t have to wait the whole day for it to be charged up. Due to its advanced technology, SoloForce has broken out from the limitations that other solar-powered power banks have.

The rubberized texture of SoloForce gives it a comfortable feel, therefore easy to grip and carry around.

According to official sources, this power bank has enough capacity to charge up all the gadgets you have. And its power source is the sun, so it’s endless. More on the specifics later in this article.

This power bank includes all the features necessary to keep your phone and other gadgets up and running 24/7. Let’s take a look at those features.

Features Of SoloForce Power Bank

soloforce reviews

1. Large Battery Capacity –With a 20000mAh battery on board, SoloForce is set out to charge up your gadgets without dying off. It can charge your device several times. Its battery is a 74Wh Li-po battery, therefore is safe to carry around.

2. Wireless Charging –SoloForce power bank gives you the option to charge your smartphone using USB cable or wireless on the Qi wireless charging pad. SoloForce allows you to place a compatible device on the wireless charging pad to start charging and very fast at that.

3. Charge Up To Four Devices –Apart from the wireless charging pad, SoloForce has three additional USB ports. Therefore you can charge up to four devices at once with this power bank although most people wouldn’t have to do that. And if you’re worried whether SoloForce can support this simultaneous charging, rest assured that it can.

4. Multiple Connection Ports –SoloForce has made sure there’ll never be a shortage of ports in its power bank. For input, there’s micro USB and type-C USB ports available. For output, it has USB-A1, USB-A2, and type-C ports.

5. Shockproof And Waterproof – Power banks are one of the essentials we pack while traveling. There’s no escaping the fact that it’ll fall around more often than other gadgets. SoloForce is built sturdy enough to withstand all of those. Additionally, it is also waterproof, so don’t be scared of little water splashes on it.

5. Overcharge Protection – SoloForce power bank is able to protect itself against overcharging thanks to the advanced technology under the hood.

6. Compatible With Any Device –SoloForce can be used to charge any device once it allows USB or wireless charging.

7. Fast Charging – This goes for both charging the power bank and charging your device. SoloForce was made to save you time while charging up your gadgets. It charges up fast and then also charges your gadgets fast.

8. LED Light – SoloForce comes with bright LED lights that can be used for emergency illumination. According to the makers, the LED light can last up to 70 hours.

How Does SoloForce Work?

soloforce reviews

It is a solar-powered device therefore depends on solar energy to function. The advantage here is that solar energy is unlimited, unlike electricity.

SoloForce is included with a solar panel that absorbs sunlight from the sun and stores it in its battery to be used by you.

While charging it in the sun, you can see exactly how much juice it’s got by looking at the indicators.

Benefits Of Using SoloForce

soloforce reviews

You stand to gain a lot from using SoloForce power bank. Let’s just go through some of the benefits.

1. Always Stay Connected

Sometimes you might find yourself in situations where you can’t charge your phone but still need it to operate. And at those trying moments, your phone will likely die off.

Having SoloForce power bank with you will change the narrative totally. You can easily charge up your phone when the battery is running down. Or maybe you’re a music lover and your headset/music box is about to die off, just bring out your SoloForce power bank and you’re good.

SoloForce power bank never allows you to go out of power, thereby always keeping you Connect to the rest of the world.

2. Go Wireless

The height of technological advancement today is to make everything go wireless. To eliminate the need to interconnect two things using wires.

SoloForce power bank has absolutely perfected it. I know how annoying it can be to tangle and untangle USB cables from your bag. On top of that, these cables are easily damaged, leaving you hopeless if you don’t have a spare.

With SoloForce, all the is required is for you to have a smartphone that supports wireless charging. Once you do, just place it on the Qi wireless charging pad and it starts charging. And don’t ever think it charges slowly because SoloForce wireless charging is lightning fast.

3. Less Dependence On Electricity

If something happens to the power grid and electricity goes off, I’m sure thousands of phones and gadgets will go off in the next few hours including yours.

SoloForce power bank is solar-powered and harnesses the energy from the sun to power your gadgets. It does this in such an efficient manner that it outshines all the other solar-powered power banks.

While using SoloForce, you will depend less on electricity to charge your phone. You might never need to. Just place the power bank towards sunlight and it charges up, ready to use whenever needed.

4. Emergency Lighting

With the LED lights equipped on SoloForce power bank, you can see your way through dark car parks or alleyways if you don’t have your phone or torchlight.

It is very thoughtful of SoloForce to include this in their power bank because it can come in handy. Additionally, the LED lights can last up to 70 hours.

5. Durable And Safe

SoloForce is made with durable materials. This makes it sturdy and resistant to shock. You shouldn’t be scared if it accidentally falls off your hand. Just pick it up and wipe off the dirt because it’s not going to get damaged.

This power bank is also waterproof, therefore a little water spill on it shouldn’t get you worried. You can comfortably use it at the swimming pool or the beach.

Using a Li-Po battery, the SoloForce power bank is very safe to carry around. There’s no risk of explosion or anything like that. You can safely carry it in your bag and nothing would happen.

All in all, once you buy SoloForce power bank, you’re less likely to buy it again because it’s durable and lasts long. Unless you just want to buy additional ones as gifts for people you love to also experience the goodness of Solo force.

How To Use SoloForce

Using this power bank isn’t so different from using any other one out there. If you’ve ever used a power bank before, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, I’ll outline the steps to follow.

  1. Turn on the power bank by pressing the button on the side.
  2. Make sure it is on by checking if the lights on the back panel are turned on.
  3. Peel back the rubber cover to reveal its three USB connection ports.
  4. Once it’s charging, the LED indicator will change from red to green.
  5. To use the LED light, click the side button twice.

Pros And Cons [SoloForce Reviews]


  • Huge battery capacity
  • Wireless charging
  • Solar-powered charging
  • Multiple USB ports
  • LED light for emergency illumination
  • Lightning-fast charging
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Compact and portable
  • Compatible with various devices; Mac, PC, Android, iPhone etc
  • Charge multiple devices at once


  • It can only be bought online through its official website
  • Stock is limited because of an increase in demand
  • After about 800 charge and discharge cycles, its capacity starts declining.

What Is So Special About SoloForce?

soloforce reviews

SoloForce is tapping into the unlimited world of alternative and renewable energy, in this case, solar energy.  With other power banks, you would still have to depend on electricity to charge it. The few other power banks that have been able to incorporate solar panels did it very poorly and it isn’t efficient in the very least.

SoloForce power bank with its advanced technology can efficiently store solar energy using its 20000mAh battery. This would give you more than enough juice to go on about your daily activities.

Less dependence on electricity equates to less electric bills as well. In the long run, you would be saving a lot on your bills.

Making life easier for you is one of the goals of SoloForce. It eliminates the need for cables while charging. As you know, these cables are a hassle and can damage easily. With wireless charging, you just need to place your phone on top of the pad and it just starts charging.

However, it still includes three USB ports, in case you want to charge multiple devices at once or your smartphone doesn’t support wireless charging.

It is built to be sturdy and durable. Accidentally falling off your hand isn’t enough to damage it. To further improve this durability, SoloForce has overcharge protection which stops it from charging whenever it gets full. This prevents the battery from getting damaged.

SoloForce power bank is compact, portable, and sleekly designed to look very appealing to the eye.

This power bank is very special because it checks all the necessary boxes you have to consider while buying a power bank.

Who Is SoloForce Power Bank For?

soloforce review

SoloForce power bank basically just uses stored energy to charge up your devices. Of course, everybody can benefit from this. Although, certain groups of people might need this more than others.

If you’re someone who travels a lot, then certainly you’ve been in situations where you couldn’t charge your phone because there was no electricity. This can be easily avoided if you carrying SoloForce power bank along with you

If you’re someone like me who uses their phone to operate throughout the day, then getting a SoloForce power bank will be in your best interest. This is because it’ll always make sure your phone is charged up.

Are you living in an area with power outages and inconsistent electricity supply? Then SoloForce is ideal for you because it doesn’t depend on electricity to be charged. All you need to do is put it out in the sun.

If you’re a gadget lover, you’ll also love to have SoloForce power bank because it’ll help you power up your games, music boxes, headsets, etc whenever the power goes out.

Certainly, at one point or another, everybody requires a good power bank. SoloForce is the ideal power bank and is what you need.

Should I Buy SoloForce Power Bank?

soloforce review

This SoloForce review is to help you gain all the necessary knowledge about this particular power bank. In the end, you’re the one who’ll decide whether to buy or not.

However, I’d strongly suggest that you buy SoloForce power back because it has a lot to offer you.

It is a device that will always work in your best interest by never letting your phone or gadgets run out of battery.

It isn’t a heavy brick like most other power banks. Instead, it comes with a stylish design and appealing look. It is very compact and portable with a comfortable feel.

It is compatible with any device you might own that supports USB or wireless charging. To top it off, it charges your phone with lightning speed.

SoloForce doesn’t get damaged easily because it is made from strong and reliable materials. It is also shock and waterproof, so you can use it close to water bodies.

SoloForce power bank is just what you need to keep you connected to the world at every point in time.

What Comes In The Box?

On delivery, you’ll get a package that includes the SoloForce power bank itself, an instruction manual, and a USB cord.

After reading this review and you still have questions, then the instruction manual included in the package would probably answer that question for you.

The included USB is for those who would still like to use and wired connection or those whose phones do not support wireless charging.

How Much Is SoloForce Power Bank?

Many solar-driven power banks out there are sold at an exorbitant price even though they’re not efficient. SoloForce on the other hand is very efficient and sells at a very affordable price.

One SoloForce power bank is sold for $89.98. You can compare this with others and see how cheap it is.

Although, SoloForce is currently selling its power bank at a 50% discount hence the very low price. I’d advise you to grab yours now before the prices go back to normal which is $138.43.

Where To Buy It

The safe and recommended place to buy SoloForce power bank is through its official website. By doing it this way, you’ll avoid being sold a fake product by scammers. To make things easier for you, just click on any button on this page to be taken directly to the official website.

On the website, you’ll be offered packages that are found to be suitable for you. The choice still remains yours to make.

At checkout, you’d have to provide your shipping address and payment information. Rest assured that your payment info is safe because it is secured using 256-Bit SSL encryption.

For a better shopping experience, you’ll be provided with different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

SoloForce Customer Reviews

I made a preorder and received my SoloForce in only two weeks. Great product that fast charges all my devices at once and solar is a big benefit for recharge when you are on the go. Once you go wireless you don’t go back. NO MORE CORDS!

Mai W.

This product is amazing as it fits in my purse and goes anywhere. It’s strong enough to fast charge my MacBook Pro and my iPhone at the same time. The charging capacity is amazing and sunlight helps. It wirelessly tops up my iPhone in my purse.

Kerri M.

This is the leading charging device. Fast, strong, wireless, and charges my phone for days. I preordered but received mine in weeks.

Richie J.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While reading this review, I’m sure your biggest fear is whether this product performs as well as what is advertised.

Many people have used SoloForce and have gone to online platforms to give their testimonials of how it has helped them.

To further clear your doubt, SoloForce is offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy this power bank.

You’ll have 30 days to use the power bank risk-free and access all the claims that have been made about it.

If within that 30 days, it performs below your expectations, then you’re free to return it for a full refund. Remember to return it in its original packaging and without damage.

Conclusion [SoloForce Review]

At this point, you’ve already gotten enough information about this SoloForce power bank.

This device just aims to always keep you connected to the world while reducing your dependence on electricity.

It also offers you wireless charging technology which makes charging stress-free and easier.

SoloForce is a one-time investment because it is sturdily built and won’t damage easily. Well, except you decide to use a hammer on it.

It is safe to say that you won’t regret having SoloForce power bank with you at any time. It is a lifesaver.

Now it’s time to decide whether you’ll buy SoloForce or not. Reading this review means you’re considering this power bank, take that leap. Click the button below to get yours.