Singorama reviews 2020 – An Effective Way To Learn How To Sing Better

singorama reviews

Singorama Reviews

It’s frustrating.

When you know you can sing but don’t know how to go about it. You want to make something out of your sonorous voice yet you don’t know how.

Many times, when you sing in the bathroom, you wonder if you can ever improve your voice to become like the pros.

On the other hand, many people give up if they feel their voice isn’t good enough.

The real question becomes, is singing only for the talented?

The answer is no.

Whether you’re a natural at singing or not, with constant training and practice you can improve and perfect your voice to new levels.

The next question would be, how?

This is where this article will shine. Singing lessons aren’t new to us. People enroll in singing classes to grasp mastery of their voices.

But how many people can afford that?

It’s inconvenient.

In today’s world, online singing lessons have made their way into the limelight. And at the very top of this category is Singorama.

Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you haven’t. The fact still remains that it is the best online singing program out there.

In this Singorama review, I’ll be diving into all the different aspects of Singorama from benefits to pros and cons. This is just to make you know everything necessary about it before considering buying.

What is Singorama?

singorama reviews

Simply put, it is an online singing program that is meant to take you from beginner to pro within a few weeks.

Singorama is a platform that will help you hone your singing prowess to new levels. You don’t have to be a natural-born singer, you just need to have the dedication.

The program is designed to suit your style. It isn’t overbearing but practical enough for you to experience changes in your voice just a week or two from starting.

Such great singing lessons can only come from one who knows the ins and outs of singing. Let’s see who put this program together.

About The Creator

This program was brought to life by Melanie Alexander. With the help of many music experts, she was able to put down what she knows about singing into a program to help beginners.

She was part of an Australian all-girls group called Girlfriend. They were well known in the 90s as some of their songs were nominated for the ARIA awards. As part of the band, Melanie got to travel a lot and work with different musicians and music experts.

She probably knows how hard it is to struggle with your voice or ranges. So she compiled all her experiences into Singorama to help you grasp mastery of your voice. This program she created is to help you take your singing to new levels by improving your ranges, enhancing your timing, and much more.

It is right to say Melanie is a successful musician and this program contains everything that made her who she is today. As a singer, she understood that to perfect any skill, time, and determination is needed.

To put all these into one, she created Singorama. It’s no surprise that it is number one when it comes to online singing lessons. It is highly rated among its peers.

As they say, a program is only good as one who created it. Melanie Alexander is a veteran when it comes to singing and a pro when it comes to teaching it. The program has well laid out methods to get you through hurdles.

As you can see both the creator and the program is top-notch, so you should definitely expect improvement while following Singorama.

Who Is Singorama For?

singorama reviews

Just like with everything else, this singing program isn’t for everybody. Although, at the same time anyone can use it.

So who is it right for?

It is right for all levels of singers who aim to polish themselves to the highest.

Are you a newbie to singing? I’m guessing you don’t even know where to start or what to do. You want to learn the basics and find your footing in the world of singing. Do not worry, Singorama has a well thought out plan for you.

What about an intermediate singer? Singorama works for you as well. It helps you widen your range and perfect your tone.

This program is even great for advanced singers who are ready for the world but need minor improvements here and there.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter the stage you are in the singing funnel. Singorama has you in mind no matter your skill level at the moment.

Your ability and knowledge of music will be massively boosted by this program. You’ll feel different after your first day, but you need time to reach mastery and perfection.

This course will only help you if you’re willing to be diligent and put in the effort. With the right guidance from Singorama, even the tiniest effort will produce great results.

Note: Singorama is for anybody who wants to wake up with a sonorous and angelic voice after following the course for just few days!

This program is designed to help you gradually develop your voice until it reach its peak.

You might not win the next America’s Got Talent after finishing this course. However, Singorama has prepared a singing boot camp to put you on your path to becoming a star. Or well, you’ll be up for killer concerts at the very least.

With Singorama, the ability to become a seasoned singer is already in your hands. All you have to do is put in a little work every day.

Are you a mission to be your best?

Then Singorama is your best bet. If you’re laser-focused on becoming the best in the singing world, Singorama will take you by the hand and lead you through that path.

Stop downgrading yourself and worrying if you’re talented enough or not. By the time you’re done with the program, you’ll have the confidence of a pro.

So yeah, this program is for everyone looking to improve their singing prowess and go from 0 to 100.

But should I get it?

Why You Should Get Singorama

Knowing who the program was made for is kinda different from knowing whether you should get the course or not.

Do you want your singing career to leave the bathroom and not end there?

If you answered yes, then you should get Singorama.

Even if you’re in doubt whether you’re good at it or not, all you need is Singorama and dedication.

The program is designed to help you achieve that big dream you’ve always had about singing. Whether it’s just for the fulfillment, to become a star, or be a singing coach, it doesn’t matter because Singorama can help you achieve them.

This singing course coaches you with a unique method that relies on audio learning. Not only that but it is an experience that is far better than what you’ll get anywhere.

Still looking for reasons why you should get Singorama? Then browse through the following;

  • You want to improve the quality of your voice, from pitch to tone and anything in between.
  • You want to broaden your knowledge about music and know what elements make a great song.
  • You think it’s time you take the bull by the horn and go into the world of singing and songwriting.
  • You always dream of standing in front of a huge crowd and wowing them with your melodious voice.

Well, no need to say but I’m sure you’re one of the above. If so, then you definitely need Singorama.

So ask yourself, would you sing better or worse with a proven singing course?

The answer is definitely better. The course has been proven by many to improve their singing in all areas that needed upgrading.

To even make it easier for you, Singorama is risk-free. Once it’s not giving you the results you desire, you’re free to return it for a full refund. This should tell you how much confidence they have in this program. Plus a lot of others have reported success while following this course.

To top it off, there’s a free 5-day mini-lesson available of you’re still in doubt. This will give you all the proof you need about the effectiveness of this course. Now get your computer and prepare to be in awe.

Pros And Cons [Singorama Reviews]


  • Variety of materials to learn from. Nothing is left out.
  • Available as both physical and digital products. Though you still need a computer for both anyway.
  • Included bonuses such as workbooks, perfect pitch software, and a mini recording studio.
  • Quality feedback with their studio software. This allows you to track your progress.
  • Combination of a workbook, audio lessons, and vocal exercises.
  • A 5-day free mini lesson to learn the basics of the course and its requirements.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 100% refund.
  • It is very cost-effective compared to others.
  • It has an option for a monthly subscription where you can continue singing under the guidance of experts.
  • Audio lessons make it fun and easy to follow.


  • With many materials to go through, it might be time consuming.
  • The physical product is more expensive.
  • Requires internet connection for clear audio and downloads.
  • There are no videos available, only audio. This makes it difficult for visual learners.
  • Once the course is completed, it requires a $27 monthly subscription to continue.

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons. The disadvantages are things you can workaround. Despite a few hiccups, Singorama still presents you with the best benefit.

What To Expect [Singorama Review]

singorama reviews

Singorama wishes to give you a very good foundation when it comes to singing and that includes a lot of theories.

So while enrolling in this course, expect a lot of theories about singing. There are lots of things first-timers don’t know about singing and it would be addressed.

Different techniques such as the diaphragm breathing technique would be discussed as well.

Apart from singing itself, other aspects are also taught and one of them is stage presence. You’re taught different ways to express yourself while performing live on stage.

As an added extra, Singorama will also teach you the basics of songwriting. Here you will learn all the elements that make up a good song.

Let’s break down the course and see how it’s structured.

Singorama Breakdown

Compared to others, Singorama gives you unmatched quality in terms of value. It is just exceptional. It contains multiple modes of learning to make the experience coherent.

Audio Learning

This course is composed of 28 audio tutorials divided into six separate segments. It is organized in such a way that newbies start with basic topics such as;

  • Learning the correct posture
  • Correct breathing techniques for singing
  • Music theories
  • Song rhythm
  • Negative habits to avoid
  • Performance anxiety and management
  • How to harmonize your singing

Once you’ve got these topics down and mastered them, you can now move on to the more advanced ones like;

  • Developing a melodious tone
  • Mastering mixed voice
  • Learning to develop your stage presence
  • Making your song reflect your personality
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • How to ace auditions

Everything is arranged in a sequential manner. This is to ensure your singing skills grow systematically and improves all around.

Singoramaoffers three songs for you to sing while learning. The three songs comprise a band song, an instrument only song, and a vocals only song. Through vocal exercises, you can extend your range and strengthen your voice.


Singorama pride itself in have varieties of materials to read when it comes or singing. The main ebooks available on Singorama are divided into a beginner’s book and that meant for advanced singers.

Extra added ebooks include;

  • Guide to reading music
  • Learning techniques for singing

These ebooks gives you better insight on music notations and how to read music.

Within the course, all music examples are linked to similar audio to ensure you understand what is being taught.


The software necessary for this course is available to both Mac and Windows. It can be downloaded from Singorama’s official website.

These are the following softwares that will help you through the course;

Jayde Musica Pro: It helps you learn the theory do music. Most especially learning the music notation and how to read music.

Perfect Your Pitch: This is sort of game-like. It shows you different notation and you have to identify them by the sound they make.

Metronome: Helps you adjust the speed of music sound.

Mini Recording Studio: This software helps you record your songs. It has useful features like piano to help you make a melody.

To put all these into few statement, opting to buy this Singorama program will get you;

  1. The complete 28 audio modules
  2. Exercise modules like a vocal warmup, vocal strengthening, etc
  3. Complete set of software as listed above
  4. All the ebooks and PDFs

I keep hammering on the fact that Singorama is a risk-free product. Don’t be limited by your doubt. You have 60 days to try out Singorama and if it doesn’t reach your expectation you can return it for a full refund.

After Completion, What Next?

As promised, after completing the Singorama course you’d have improved massively from when you started. Now you’ve been granted the gift of a beautiful voice. You can decide to go off on your own and start a career.

Or you can subscribe for further coaching and guidance. This comes as a monthly subscription of $27 where you’ll be guided to perfect your singing even more.

Price Of Singorama

Many online singing lessons charge throat slashing fees for experience inferior to Singorama.

As said earlier, Singorama comes as a physical or digital product. So the choice is yours to know which one suits you better.

Getting the singorama program cost $67 for now due to discounts. It was originally $290.

The optional monthly subscription that follows cost $27.

As you can see, you’re getting so much value for your money. You should definitely not let this opportunity pass you by.

Where To Get it

You can easily get the Singorama singing program from its official website. To make it easier, just click the button at the end of the article and you’ll be redirected there.

TL; DR: SINGORAMA is the best online singing program available and can help you improve your voice from beginner to a pro-level. It is a must get if you want to make a career out of singing.

Conclusion [Singorama Reviews]

Being a bathroom singer is all fun and games until it’s actually not. It dawns on you that you want to make something out of singing buy you’re not progressing at all.

It always sucks knowing you could be better yet you aren’t. This is probably because you’re not doing something right.

As a novice, do you find the world of singing very complex and intimidating? Worry no more.

If at all you’re in any of these situations, my candid advice will be for you to get Singorama. So far it has proven itself time and again to be the best.

It will help you get a better grasp of mastering your voice and increasing your range. It teaches you all the theories behind singing and how you can leverage them to become a good singer.

Singorama provides you with adequate material to empower you with enough knowledge of music and singing. It also tutors you in other aspects of singing such as stage presence.

You don’t have to be a prodigy to get this course, all that matters is the end result. Because once you go through the course, you’re bound to come out much better than you were.

This program is for anyone willing to put in the work to become better. If you want to magically be good at singing after one day of the program, then I’m sorry for wasting your time as Singorama is not for you.

Are you tired of dreaming big about singing but then reality hits you that you’re not good enough?

Then click the button below to start your singing career!