Save Sealer Reviews – 1000+ People Use This Device To Constantly Keep Food Fresh

save sealer reviews

Save sealer reviews

More often than not we find ourselves with more food than we can finish at once. All we wish for is to store it and eat another day.

But the problem is, will it stay fresh?

Preserving food over a long period of time has since been our culture. The goal is usually to keep it from spoiling due to microorganisms or rancidity.

Additionally, the ways people like to preserve food are those that maintain their freshness. You can imagine preserving vegetables only to come back a few days later and they’re all looking dead.

The ability to maintain the freshness of food while been preserved is one of the things people look out for in any method or technique.

Many people don’t have the time to cook every day due to the limited time from their jobs or school. So they choose to cook large during the weekends and preserve it for the week. This definitely makes things easier.

Where things get tricky is that, after a few days you wouldn’t want to eat that food again.


It lost its freshness. The look and taste aren’t just the same anymore. The color looks faded and it tastes sour or acidic.

During these trying times, it has become obvious how important every ounce of food is. Wastage has become a taboo for most.

If you can properly preserve every bit of food you have without it losing its freshness, how great will that be?

Moreover, it will save you a lot of money. You can agree with me that the increase in the cost of food and groceries is alarming.

With a bad preservation method, you’ll literally be throwing your hard-earned money into the trash. Nobody wants that. There’s still Fenty and ps5 to buy.

To conquer both preservation and retaining freshness, a lot of innovations have come and gone without achieving it. This has lead many people to make peace with the fact that it’s just not possible.

That’s not true. It’s possible and such product is already around.

To counter these problem of preservation, save sealer came to life.

Save sealer claims to solve the problem of food losing freshness during preservation.

In this save sealer review, I will touch on every important detail about the product so that you can make an informed decision when buying.

What Is Save Sealer?

save sealer reviews

To put it bluntly, save sealer is the tool standing between you and eating fresh food from your freezer.

It is a compact handheld device that helps keep your fruits, vegetables, and any other food fresh and safe from spoiling.

It uses BPA-free airtight bags to store your food for a long time without reduction in taste or visual quality.

With the way it works, which we’d talk about in a minute, save sealer helps keep your fridge, freezer, or pantry more organized and frees up space for more packing.

According to the makers of save sealer, it doesn’t just maintain the freshness of your fruits and vegetables when placed in the freezer, it actually increases it.

That’s quite an enticing statement for anyone who preserves food.

It’s really not new to want to own something that can save you space, time and money in the kitchen.

It’s just that you haven’t found it yet. Save sealer promises to deliver on all front.

Saves you from having to cook every time, saves you from food spoilage, saves you from eating low-quality food.


No wonder there is “save” in save sealer.

Let’s take a closer look at the components and coupling of save sealer.

Components Of Save Sealer

save sealer reviews

To work the magic for you, two components go hand in hand. These are the pump and sealable plastic bags.

Plastic Bags: At first glance, this sealable plastic bag won’t look any different from the normal Ziploc bag you know. So what makes it unique?

On top of each bag, you’d find tiny circular valves on them. This is where the second component of save sealer performs its job. We’ll get to that.

This bag comes in different sizes in order to accommodate different kinds of fruit, vegetables, or food. What is required from you is to put your food in it and zip it.

And of course, this bag can be washed and used repeatedly. It’s not for one time usage.

The pump: This is actually the machine that does the vacuuming for you. Remember that valve we talked about earlier? Yeah, it comes to work here.

Click the pump into the valve on the bag and make sure it fits. Press a button and watch the bag shrink. Wowzer!

The pump doesn’t need to be connected to a socket wall or anything like that. It just needs to be charged using a dedicated USB charger.

In essence, save sealer is a two-piece device made up of a sealable plastic bag and a pump.

How Does It Work?

save sealer reviews

Since the invention of the fridge and freezers, it has become the most used means of preservation. Although food still gets damaged or lose their quality while in the freezer.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term “freezer burn” before. If not, it is the damage to frozen food due to air reaching them.

What I’m saying is, storing food in the freezer is nice and all but it’s best to store it in an airtight covering.

This is where save sealer comes in. By using the pump to suck out all the air from the plastic bag, you’ve literally canceled out the possibility of freezer burn from happening.

So what do you get?

Fresh frozen food no matter how long it stays in the freezer. I’m certain Ziploc bags can’t give you that.

Additionally, save sealer also maintains good quality by hindering the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.


By removing excess air from the bag, it also removes the oxygen needed by these bugs to survive.

With save sealer, you’re preventing spoilage and maintaining quality. You’re basically winning two wars at once.

Now that you know the principles behind how save sealer protects your food in the freezer or fridge, let’s move on to the step by step guide on how to use this device.

How To Use Save Sealer

Using this device is a fairly easy process. Let’s run through it together.

Get the sealable plastic bag and lie it on the table with the valve facing upwards.

Fill that bag with whatever fruit, vegetable, or food you want to store. When you’re done, ensure you press the bag with your hand to let out the excess air in it.

After doing that, you can now zip the bag.

Get the vacuum sealer and attach it to the valve on the bag. When it is well aligned, press the button and wait for it to suck out all the air in the bag.

The save sealer vacuum sealer would automatically stop when all the air in the bag has been sucked out. It will only take some seconds to do this.

And that’s it!

We’re done with packaging our food in the right way. Next is to store it away in the fridge, freezer or pantry.

The bags come in different sizes so you can literally store anything you want inside one of the bags, even a whole ass chicken!

Still confused? Just look at the flowchart to clarify yourself.

Benefits Of Save Sealer

Yup, we’re finally at the sweet spot. I’m sure you’ve been itching to see all the things save sealer can do for you written in one place. Well, here we go.

1. Preserves Quality Of Food

One of the strongholds of save sealer is its ability to keep your food in the same condition as when you stored it. In essence, it gives you back the same quality and freshness you put in the fridge, if not better.

It does a better job of maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of food than many other sealers out there.

As I said before, you can store anything using save sealer and their quality won’t drop a notch. It can be meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, leftovers, cheese… name it.

The taste and visual appeal of your food still remains intact when you use save sealer.

2. Save Better

Save what, You ask?

Both food and money.

With save sealer, you can store and preserve any excesses that you have and can’t consume at that moment.

If you don’t use save sealer, those stored food in the freezer would probably spoil after some time due to freezer burn. As you can see, even after an attempt to preserve food, it still got spoilt.

Save sealer will protect you from this wastage. It prevents freezer burn and any possible contamination that could lead to food spoilage.

Besides, before now, some food can be difficult to preserve. Let’s say you cut an apple but couldn’t finish and just put it in the fridge. With time, you’d notice that the cut surface is becoming brown.

This can be definitely avoided by using save sealer.

Wasting food = Wasting money

If you can cut down on the amount of food that goes to the trash, then you’ve successfully cut down a huge chunk of your expenses.

3. Better Organisation

Opening your refrigerator and seeing it all messy and clogged up isn’t the best feeling.

Due to the practice of using plastic containers such as Tupperware to store food, your fridge can’t even contain much anymore.

After like a few plates, it gets filled up and this can cause you to throw away the extra food you have because there’s no space. Wastage!

With save sealer, everything is so compressed that you can stack so many things into the freezer, fridge, or pantry at once.

This allows you to organize and arrange your fridge better. Therefore you can reach anything you want without having to bring everything down.

4. Suits Diverse Occasions

Storing food in your home has been the major thing we’ve been talking about when it comes to save sealer.

But have you thought of how else it could help you?

Because of its compact and portable structure, it is easy to carry around. Therefore you can take save sealer to picnics, camp trips, or even your neighbor’s BBQ party.

It can be used to store anything, from meat, seafoods and soup to cereals, wet, dry or raw food.

5. Helps You Save The Environment

Our environment is dying by the day due to the massive deposits of plastic in the ocean and elsewhere.

Save sealer would help you reduce your plastic disposal because it is not a one usage sealer.

You can wash the sealable plastic bag and use it again and again.

Pros And Cons [Save Sealer Review]

To put the usefulness of save sealer into perspective, we’re going to weigh the pros against the cons and see how it performs.


1. Very Simple To Use: Save Sealer does not require any additional skill to use. All you have to do is follow the steps as listed above and you’re done.

2. Maintains Food Quality: With save sealer, you’re sure of eating fresh food all week. It preserves both the taste and visual quality of your food and keeps them in peak condition.

3. Saves Space: With the way save sealer compresses air out of the bag and makes everything shrunken, it helps declutter your fridge or freezer. Using save sealer helps you stock more things into your refrigerator while keeping with well organized at the same time.

4. Versatile: Save Sealer is made to accommodate a lot of different foods. It can be used to preserve cheese, seafood, salad, steak, vegetables, and many others. It also allows you to preserve food that has been difficult to store up till now, such as avocado.

Are you a sous vide cook? Then save sealer can help you achieve perfection.

5. Saves You Money: By using save sealer, you drastically reduce the amount of food that goes to waste. And when you’re able to store more of that food for the long term, you’d save a lot of money.

6. Eco-friendly: Save Sealer makes use of reusable BPA-free bags. So unlike many others, after use, you can just wash it and use it again. In this sense, it reduces plastic waste in the environment.

7. Portable: This kitchen gadget is not at all bulky or heavy. It is made in such a way that it can be easily carried around when needed.

8. Wireless: The save sealer pump doesn’t need to be plugged into a socket to work as this will limit usage. All you have to do is charge it and use it.


1. Needs Careful Handling: Save Sealer works basically by creating a vacuum around the food you put in the plastic bag. This is done by sucking out all the air including oxygen.

Without air or oxygen, there’ll be no contamination or freezer burn. But when a hole is punctured on the bag, then all this is defeated. This is because air will find its way into the bag.

So it’s of utmost importance to handle the bag with care and remove it around any sharp object to prevent puncture. An unnoticeable tiny hole on the bag is enough to ruin your food. So yeah, the bags need to be handled with care.

2. Has to be protected from insects and rodents: The sealable bag that comes with save sealer can be chewed on by rodents and destroyed. So it’s good practice to store your sealable bags away in a closed container where rodents and insects can’t get in.

3. No Offline Availability: Save sealer can only be bought online from its official website.

With only a few glitches that can obviously be worked around, save sealer seems to be a perfect fit for your kitchen.

What Makes Save Sealer Special?

save sealer reviews

Save sealer here and there. What really makes it special?

To start with, save sealer is made to solve the problem of reduced quality of food while stored.

It’s really not news that many times when we go back to eat the food we put in the freezer a week ago, it just doesn’t taste the same anymore. The color even looks washed up.

That is usually the case with your conventional plastic bags, Ziploc or Tupperware.

This is the problem save sealer is trying to solve. It helps you preserve food over a long period of time, preventing damage due to contamination or freezer burn. At the same time, it also maintains your food at the same quality it was, if not better.

When you eat any food preserved using save sealer, the taste remains the same as the day it was made. The color of the food also looks vibrant and appealing.

It’s not just cooked food. You can put in raw meats, cereal, cheese, seafood. No matter what you put inside, the result remains the same….preserved, tasty, and looking good.

You can even decide to marinate a steak using save sealer. It does it even better, makes all the juice sip into the meat, and gives you a succulent bite when you prepare it to eat. The texture of the meat, the juicy content, and the taste….all can be improved by using save sealer.

It is not just designed for one thing. Save sealer can literally push your preservation and cooking game to a whole new level. Minimal effort with maximal results.

Who Is It For?

This device can be used by anyone but may be more beneficial to certain groups of people such as;

1. Busy People

Is work taking up 70% of your day? Understandably, many people don’t have time to make daily meals because they have to meet up work requirements. If they don’t have to be at work, then they have to work on some projects at home. No time.

They only have the weekends to themselves. Many people often decide to make their weekly meals during the weekend and store in the freezer. This is usually a good idea until you thaw the food on Wednesday and it doesn’t taste as good anymore.

So you’ve not really solved your problem and you’re wasting a whole lot of food.

Save sealer can be a lifesaver to you if you’re one of the busy people. It will provide you with fresh and tasty food all week long.

And of course save you money by reducing the amount you spend on food.

2. Chefs

As a chef, you probably cook varieties of food every day to test which will work out. When you find the perfect one, you’d love to store it for future use.

Alas, with the conventional methods, that food can’t even last more than a few days without losing its taste and color. And for a chef, the visual appeal of food is pretty important.

Save sealer will grant you these wishes. Save you the stress of cooking the same food repeatedly because you couldn’t preserve its quality over time.

3. Business Dealing In Frozen Foods

If you can retain the quality of your food products after being frozen for a long period, it’s certain the locals will want to patronize you more.

When it comes to food, taste, and quality are very important. And if as a business, you’re able to deliver this to your customers, then you’re golden.

4. Others…

Do you just love cooking? Or maybe you’re one who receives a lot of food from people, then save sealer should be your go-to.

It helps you not only prevent the food from spoiling but actually preserves its quality. If you’re eating the food after a week or two, even months, you can nod your head and say “yeah, this still tastes good.”

How Safe is Save Sealer?

Save sealer is completely safe for use. There are no hazards whatsoever associated with either the pump or the sealable bag.

What amazed many people was that the new plastic bag didn’t have the usual chemical smell many other plastic bags have.

You’re not exposed to any chemical when you’re using the save sealer bag. Therefore it’s completely safe to stock your food inside.

As for the pump, it is well made and has no risks of electrical shock or anything like that. All you have to do is charge it and use it.

Should I Buy Save Sealer?

This option is entirely up to you. This article is meant to provide you with all the necessary information needed for you to make a decision.

But as advice, I’ll urge you to get save sealer as it will save you a lot of money in the long run. You might be skeptical now, but rest assured that you’ll come to be thankful that you bought it.

Price Of Save Sealer

Save sealer is one of the wonderful new gadgets that have proven to be very useful and indispensable.

For such diversity in usage, you might be expecting a ceiling-high price for this device.

Well, no.

Save sealer will only cost you $39.99.

Although that price seems to be the discounted price because the manufacturer is running a promo at the moment.

It’ll be in your best interest to grab this opportunity and get yours now.

Where To Buy It

There’s no better place to buy save sealer than through its official website.

This is to make sure you get the genuine product and not counterfeits. The company wants to honor all the claims they’ve made about this product, so they want to ensure you get a genuine one.

Buying from the official website also makes you qualify for all the discounts and promos available.

Your payment information is well protected as it is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption. You’re also provided with multiple payment options, so the choice is yours.

Customer Reviews

“After 3 months of use, it’s amazing how much money this has saved my family. If you’re on a tight food budget or have picky eaters who leave a lot of leftovers, I highly recommend this to make your life easier.”

Emily Jones

“I recently tried Sous Vide cooking with this for a dinner party, and after getting tons of compliments had to come back and give it a 5-star review. You won’t regret buying SaveSealer!”

Victoria Rodriguez

TL;DR: Save Sealer helps you prevent food from spoiling and at the same time preserves its freshness. By using this device, you can expect to always have fresh food out of the refrigerator.

No lackluster taste. No freezer burn. No washed up colour.

FAQ [Save Sealer Reviews]

Does the save sealer pump require batteries?

No. They come with an inbuilt battery for easy charging. All you do is to plug it in when it’s low and unplug it when it’s fully charged.

Is it good for sous vide cooking?

Yes. The bags are BPA-free and multilayered so they work well with sous vide cooking.

What sizes do the bags come in?

Generally, there are small and large-sized bags. The number you get totally depends on which package you buy.

How does it prevent freezer burn?

Save sealer prevents freezer burn by sucking away all the air and moisture in the bag.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. Every purchase is sent out with shipping fee paid for by the manufacturer.


It can be a hassle trying to preserve food but can’t eat it because it lost its freshness. In this case, what’s the point of even putting the food in the freezer?

There are a lot of other things to worry about than whether your food will still taste good after two days in the fridge.

To relieve yourself of that stress, just get save sealer. It promises to preserve your food while additionally maintaining the taste and quality.

Save money.

Save time.

Save food.

There’s so much you can do with save sealer. It’s one of those devices that can enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine.

To get a feel of what it’s like to eat fresh food after weeks of storage,click the button below.

UPDATE: Save sealer is currently offering a promo where you can get a discount of more than 40% off.

This is strictly on a first come first serve basis. At the time you are reading this it might already be over.

Click the button below to check if the discount is still available. Hopefully, you haven’t missed the opportunity yet.