Mobile Klean Reviews [2020]- The Best UV Sanitizer So Far?

mobile klean reviews

Mobile Klean Reviews

The environment as we know isn’t inhabited by only us. Millions of microorganisms also coexist with us.

Fortunately, many of them are not known to cause diseases. However, the others that are causative agents usually lead to debilitating illness.

These organisms can be transmitted in several ways. Through air, food, water, contact, or sexual intercourse.

The usual advice is to try not to touch your face with your hands until you wash them. While that is good advice, what about other things you touch?

Our mobile phone has become one thing we can’t do without. Smartphones now connect us to everything in the world.

And being that essential means we’re always touching and pressing it. And nobody really bothers about its cleanliness.

Let’s picture this scenario; you’ve been out with friends, touching different people and things, and of course, using your phone too. Once you returned home, you went straight to wash your hands to remove possible germs.

That’s great practice. However, after washing your hands, you went back to pick up your phone again. You’ll probably place the phone on your ear to make calls or touch your face with your hand after it has been contaminated again.

I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say now. We neglect cleaning/sanitizing our mobile phones as if they can’t carry germs.

According to some studies, our mobile phone has 20,000 times more germs than a toilet seat. Just imagine that‼

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be cautious and take our hygiene seriously.

Mobile phones and other gadgets have been found to be good carriers of germs that can cause diseases. This is because we neglect to sanitize them often if at all.

To solve this problem, quite a few solutions have been put forward by different groups and companies. However, many of them are either ineffective, harmful, or just not feasible.

However, to achieve this goal Mobile Klean came into existence. It claims to handle the germs on surfaces with almost 100% certainty.

Let’s see what Mobile klean is all about. In this mobile klean review, I’ll be going into detail to provide you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

What Is Mobile Klean?

If you’ve ever used sanitizer to clean your hands or wipe surfaces, then the concept of Mobile klean shouldn’t be hard for you to grasp.

Unlike other sanitizers, mobile klean isn’t powdered or liquid-based. It doesn’t require the use of cloths or fabrics.

Mobile klean is a device that uses UV light to kill germs on surfaces. It kills almost 100% of the germs on any surface it is used on.

Most people are not aware that their mobile phones can house bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. This makes people not see their phones as a potential threat.

The recent pandemic has taught us how nasty a tiny virus can be. To prevent any illness, it’s important to always keep every surface free of germs. And this includes your electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, televisions, etc.

Mobile klean is designed to be effective and easy to use. It takes less than a minute to disinfect the surface you’re using it on.

Why Should You Use Mobile Klean?

Using mobile klean is just like washing your hands when you come out of the toilet. It reduces our chances of getting sick from these bugs.

Cleaning mobile phones have always been neglected since time immemorial. You’d see someone finish washing their hands only to go and hold that dirty phone again.

As part of your hygiene routine, regular cleaning of your mobile phone and gadgets should be included.

Mobile klean makes this process easy and less time-consuming which is why it’s the best out there. Let’s dive into its features and see what it’s made of.

Features Of Mobile Klean

mobile klean reviews

In as much as its name is mobile klean, it has features that grant it the ability to be used for almost any surface. Let’s take a look at those features.

1. Ultraviolet Light –Mobile klean was developed to be used mostly on electronic gadgets. Liquid isn’t safe to use on those hence why mobile klean uses UV light. Ultraviolet light can kill up to 99% of germs on any surface.

2. Chemical-free – Before the invention of UV light, chemicals such as bleach were used as disinfectants. While this works, it can also be harmful. Mobile klean on the other hand is free of chemicals and therefore safe to use.

3. Compact Design –Mobile klean wouldn’t be useful if it isn’t easy to carry around. It is designed to be compact and portable so that you can carry it around wherever you’re going.

4. Not Surface Specific – Contrary to the name, Mobile klean can be used on any surface of your choice. Its UV light technology can work on mobile phones, remote controls, laptops, calculators, desktop PC, mouse, etc.

5. Safe To Use – As said earlier, Mobile klean doesn’t contain any component that will pose harm to your health. Although, it is still not advised to use a UV light on your skin.

6. Broad Spectrum – Mobile klean kills about 99% of all the germs on any surface. This means it can kill different species of bacteria, virus,es and fungi.

How Does Mobile Klean Work?

You’re probably wondering how germs are killed by just light without the involvement of chemicals. Well, let’s get to it.

The UV light used by mobile klean interacts with the DNA of these germs and render them useless. This means their growth will be inhibited and they won’t be able to replicate anymore.

Just this single action puts an end to the rampage caused by microorganisms. Now you can safely touch your phone or gadgets without the fear of contacting something.

Benefits Of Using Mobile Klean

mobile klean reviews

There’s no doubt that a lot of benefits come from keeping surfaces clean and germ-free. Now let’s go through some of those benefits you gain from using mobile klean.

1. Eliminates Illness

The basic aim of mobile klean is to rid any surface of germs. And as we all know, these germs are usually the cause of our illness.

You might be clean and hygienic, yet frequently fall ill due to unknown reasons. If it’s not a respiratory disease then it’s a skin disease and so on.

That means you’ve never really considered your phone or other gadgets as a possible source of contamination. Even your AirPods can be a host to millions of microorganisms.

Using the UV light from mobile klean, you can kill up to 99% of these germs. With that much of them gone, I’m definitely sure the rate at which you get sick will drastically reduce.

2. Saves You Money

You might be thinking it only saves you money by being affordable. In as much as that’s true, it’s not the major way it saves you money.

If you’ve ever been sick or hospitalized, then you know the cost of medication and treatment. Sometimes, insurance doesn’t cover it all and you still have to bear some expenses.

Healthcare is one of the most expensive divisions of every nation and you’ll get to experience this high cost whenever you get sick.

So mobile klean saves you so much money by preventing you from getting sick in the first place. It kills most of the germs that are responsible for common illnesses.

3. Improved Quality Of Life

Being sick is not the most pleasant thing. You feel weird, tired, nauseous, and can’t wait to be healthy again.

Some people spend most of their life in bed because they easily get sick. When you live like that, then you didn’t really experience life.

Mobile klean is out to eliminate all these disease-causing microorganisms on any surface you own. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to keep falling sick.

You can use your phone without the fear of being infected by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. No need to fear because Mobile klean has eliminated them with its UV light.

4. A Quick Clean, Anywhere And Everywhere

Mobile klean is designed to be very compact and portable. This means you can take it anywhere with you, whether on vacation or a trip.

It doesn’t take forever to sanitize a surface, it doesn’t even take up to a minute. All you need to do is face mobile klean to the target area for about 20 seconds and you’re done.

This device can be used on absolutely any surface that you make contact with, even your doorknobs. It really is a game-changer for those who take their hygiene seriously.

How To Use Mobile Klean

mobile klean review

Mobile klean is designed to be very easy to use. You don’t need any prior knowledge before you can operate this device. The instruction manual will give you all the information you need. However, let’s go through the steps here;

Step 1 –Take out Mobile klean from its packaging and hold it in your hand.

Step 2 –Open the device and make sure the illuminated surface is faced towards the surface you’re trying to disinfect.

Step 3 –Make sure you hold the device 6 inches away from the surface. This is to allow even exposure.

Step 4 –For maximum effectiveness, be sure to expose each target area to the UV light for at least 20 seconds.

And that’s how you use mobile klean.

P.S Don’t use mobile klean on your skin. It’s meant to disinfect inanimate objects like your smartphones, laptops, and others.

Pros And Cons [Mobile Klean Reviews]


  • Very effective
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • It is affordable
  • Makes use of UV light
  • It doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • It can only be bought online through its official website
  • Shipping may be delayed
  • It has a limited range therefore you have to target the surface sequentially

Why Is Mobile Klean So Special?

mobile klean review

Compared to other methods of sanitizing, you might be wondering what’s so special about Mobile klean.

Well, you should have gotten a hint by now. Mobile klean delivers on its claim by proving its effectiveness in eliminating microorganisms.

It uses UV light to kill germs and doesn’t contain any chemical component. This is especially important if you have kids at home.

While these other cleaning agents might work, it becomes harmful if handled carelessly. There are too many stories of little kids drinking bleach or other disinfectants. What would be the result of that?

Your guess is as good as mine. It’ll lead to serious health complications. This can’t happen if you’re using mobile klean.

Mobile klean uses UV light to destroy the DNA of microorganisms thereby rendering them useless. It is very safe to use in a household with kids.

You can easily carry mobile klean around wherever you’re going. It’s designed to be compact and portable.

This means while on a trip or vacation, you can still sanitize your phone using mobile klean’s UV light.

Again, the name doesn’t really define its function. Although its name is mobile klean, it can be used for any surface you need to disinfect.

It can be used on your laptop, remote control, calculator, television, keyboard, mouse, even your toilet seat. Yeah!

Mobile klean aims to save you from any avoidable sickness that can be caused by microorganisms found on surfaces in your home.

It doesn’t even cost that much compared to other UV light sanitizers out there. Mobile klean is said to be the best amongst its peers yet it comes affordable.

Who Is Mobile Klean For?

mobile klean reviews

As it is, mobile klean doesn’t really have a target audience. It can be used by literally anyone who wishes to keep themselves away from diseases.

As a mother with kids, you’ll want to keep your surroundings clean and free of germs. Growing children are known to have weaker immunity than adults.

So to protect them from falling sick all the time, it’s safer to sanitize everything they can come in contact with.

As a doctor, mobile klean can become essential to keeping your consulting room free of germ and diseases.

As an individual, Mobile klean should be part of your hygiene routine. It’ll help you eliminate most of the germs lying around on the surfaces you often come in contact with. It can be your smartphone, laptop, etc.

Mobile klean is made to serve everyone and diminish the prominence of diseases caused by microorganisms.

Who Shouldn’t Use Mobile Klean?

Mobile klean is very safe and can be used by everybody even children.

However, it’s best for an adult to be present and supervise while children use it for extra safety.

Asides that, absolutely anybody can use this device.

Should You Buy Mobile Klean?

mobile klean reviews

This mobile klean review was written to give you an in-depth knowledge of this sanitizing device so that you can make an informed buying decision. Ultimately, you’re the only one who can answer that question.

However, as advice, I’ll say you should buy Mobile klean. It’s one of those things you never regret buying.

It has promised to add so much value to your life by decreasing the number of times you get sick. It does this by killing 99% of the germs present on whatever surface you used it on.

By doing so, it saves you a ton of money. You already know how expensive healthcare is in your country. Medications and hospital bills are a few of the most expensive things. And sometimes insurance just doesn’t cover it.

Nevertheless, mobile klean is set out to improve your quality of life by protecting you against these germs. No sickness means a better and more enjoyable life.

With this sanitizing device, you’re ensuring that your home and every surface you have contact with is always 99% germ-free.

How Much Is Mobile Klean?

With everything it does, it’s easy to think that mobile klean will be very expensive, maybe a couple of hundred dollars. Well, that isn’t the case.

Mobile klean is sold for just $69.99.

However, this isn’t the normal price. Mobile klean is being sold at a 50% discount currently and I don’t know when it’ll end.

You should grab yours now when this opportunity is still on before it goes back to its original price of $122.48.

There are other deals available on the official website which brings down the unit price even lower. Hurry to check if the discount is still valid.

Where To Buy It

The recommended place to buy mobile klean is through its official website. If you buy from there, you’ll be sure that you got an original product and not a fake. To make things easier for you, any button you click on this page will take you directly to their official website.

On the website, you’ll be offered deals that they find suitable for you. However, the choice is still yours to make.

At checkout, you’ll be required to put in your shipping address and payment information. Don’t be worried because your payment info is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

To make your shopping experience easy and seamless, you’ll be provided with different payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Mobile Klean Customer Reviews

Great Product. Very versatile. I sit in a busy reception area at work and people borrow my phone all the time. It’s nice when I get my phone back to know that one wave of Mobile Klean and my phone is sanitized. Really cut down on flus this year.

Margie L.

Best thing on the planet for travel and being outside. I have a 4-year-old and used to do the toilet tissue on the toilet seat thing. Now I wave Mobile Klean confidently over the toilet seat and know nothing is left to make her sick.

Kenneth R.

Very Happy With my Purchase. At work, I sanitize my computer and the bathroom. At home, I use it on my toothbrush, remote control and stereo, and all my personal items like nail clippers and comb.

Susan B.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m certain your only worry while reading this is whether mobile klean will work as advertised. You’re not to blame as many review websites blow products out of proportion and claim things it can’t do.

As for Mobile klean, it has gathered a lot of positive reviews from the thousands of people who have used it around the world.

To further clear your doubt, Mobile klean is offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 30 days to check if all the claims made by mobile klean is true.

If within that 30 days, this device does not satisfy you or meet your expectations, you’re free to return it for a full refund. Just make sure to return it undamaged and in its original packaging.

FAQs [Mobile Klean Review]

Is mobile klean legit?

Yes, it is. Mobile klean is both effective and safe to use. It has been positively backed by thousands of users all over the world.

Does mobile klean use battery?

Yes, it does. This device makes use of regular batteries which you can change at any time.

Can I use mobile klean on my skin?

No, you shouldn’t. Mobile klean is for inanimate objects such as your smartphone, laptops, etc.


We’re at the end of this review and you’re already well versed with everything Mobile klean is capable of doing.

Mobile klean is not just some fancy open-and-close device. It is very effective in keeping all your surfaces germ free.

It drastically reduces the frequency at which you fall sick by sanitizing all your gadgets and ridding them of germs.

It’s become a norm to neglect our mobile phones whenever we’re sanitizing or cleaning up. And it has been proven beyond doubt that these mobile phones can be homes to very dangerous pathogens.

It doesn’t take you an hour or 30 minutes to sanitize your phone using mobile klean. Heck, it doesn’t even take you up to a minute. All you need is to put that UV light on a particular area for just 20 seconds and it’s done.

Mobile klean has become a household name not only due to its effectiveness, but also its safety. Mobile klean is very safe to use, even around children.

It is designed to be compact and portable so that you don’t need to buy one every time you travel. You can take yours anywhere you go.

Mobile klean is a lifesaver, it can save yours too. Click the button below to get yours now.