Mindinsole Reviews [2020]- Does This Insole Work?

mindinsole reviews

Mindinsole Reviews

Nobody wants body pains, sadly they are unavoidable due to physical exertion and activities we have to carry out on a daily basis. Undoubtedly foot pain/ache is one of the worst such pains and the most common too.

Foot pain might come as a result of standing hours on end, doing a great deal of walking, running or jumping, or just uncomfortable shoes in general. As a result of this, people seek out ‘insoles’ to help ease the ache experienced in the feet.

Insoles are shoe inserts, made with a special type of material designed to give extra comfort, prevent blisters, create a better fit, and, in some cases give warmth and improve posture. They can also be referred to as ‘innersoles’ or ‘footbeds’

Mindinsole is a special type of shoe insoles, which offer maximum support and cushion your feet all day, leaving you to worry less about foot pain or anything of the sort.

We would be looking at why Mindinsole is a great option when considering the type of shoe insoles to get.

What Is Mindinsole?

mindinsole reviews

Mindinsole is a specially designed, lightweight breathable shoe insert that serves the function of keeping your feet comfortable, while in use. It boasts of many functions as it’s a magnetic acupressure foot massage.

It also has reflexology technology for pain relief shoe insole, that will help eliminate body pain both muscular and skeletal, reduce fatigue, and give a general spring to your step.

With 400 nodules that target the pressure points on the foot, 5 cooling magnets, and an airflow design that keeps the feet cool and dry, these insoles would most certainly boost energy.

Its acupressure feature, would help in alleviating pain all over the body and improve general wellbeing.

Do I Need Mindinsole? 

This is like asking if you need to be comfortable on your feet, or if you need the best support your feet can get. Or if there is any need for your feet to be sufficiently pampered, even while busy with your daily activities, the answer is yes, yes, and yes again.

The features Mindinsole offers makes it an absolute eye-catcher when shopping for shoe insoles. It might not be your go-to if you’re looking to tackle a medical condition (it will be best to get inserts suited specifically to that medical need).

However, if you’re looking for shoe insoles to help the overall general wellbeing of your foot and body, here are reasons why Mindinsole might be your best choice;

Features Of Mindinsole

mindinsole reviews

1. Acupressure Nodules

With 270 micro acupoints, that works on blood circulation, in and around the foot, and 120 medium acupoints, that massage the foot as it is in use and stimulate reflexes, topped with 12 large acupoints that cushion the arches on your foot, there’s a total of about 400 massaging elements on each insole.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal about these acupoints nodules anyway?

You may not know this, but Acupressure is essentially a method of sending signals to the body through its special energy points.

This lies along its meridians/channels using needles or other means (in this case the nodules) to activate the body’s self-healing mechanism.

Acupressure is an effective form of stimulation, used to help the relaxation of muscles. See why it’s such a big deal now? 

2. Cooling Magnets

It has 5 strategically placed magnets. These magnets wave help tackle foot heat, by pulling heat away and prevent the insoles from causing sweat, keeping the feet cool and dry.

The upper magnet targets to improve your personal power, core arch magnets for body function, and the lower sole magnet for body energy. There is obviously no need to point out that a dry sole would result in none smelly shoes which is definitely an added advantage.

3. Flexible/ Liberal Design

Its design is unisex, one size fits all that can be worn with any type of shoe for people engaged in different activities, at home, at the workplace, during workouts, or outings.

It can also be trimmed or cut down to size to fit into any shoe. Mindinsole is made with a lightweight breathable material that does not add any extra weight to shoes.

It also helps to reduce temperature of the feet to prevent excessive sweating or feeling of overheating. Mindinsole can be easily extracted and washed with a washing machine, keeping it fresh for prolonged use.

Mindinsole Specifications

Dimensions310 x 125 x 1.5 mm
Weight133 g
MaterialMade of lightweight breathable silicon material.
SizeMale; sizes ranging from 7-12.
Female; sizes ranging from 6-12 Can be trimmed to fit any shoe.
Each insole comes designed with– 12 large acupoints to support your foot’s arch and the body’s core
– 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflexes
– 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient-rich blood flow
– 5 magnets strategically placed to relieve pain across key reflex points.

How Does Mindinsole Work?

MindInSole can be termed as an acupuncture therapy device that via the use of acupressure nodules spread out over the surface of the insoles.

Thereby targeting specific zones in the lower legs and thigh regions — thereby increasing the flow of blood in the capillaries which boosts energy release in the body.

The science involved in Mindinsole’s shoe Inserts is based on reflexology. The concept involves exerting pressure on specific points of the feet, which causes the peripheral nerves to signal the central nervous system, alongside different parts of the body, to reduce the tension level.

This, in turn, induces body relaxation, helps lower stress levels, and prompts optimal organ function, which results in improved blood flow.

Benefits Of Reflexology

  • Relieves certain types of aches, pains, and cramps
  • Enhance and improved circulation around the body
  • Can help reduces traits of mental fatigue like depression
  • Helps you relax
  • Improve mood and elevates happiness
  • Might aid weight loss

Benefits Of Using Mindinsole

mindinsole reviews

1. Relief Of Body Pains

When using Mindinsole shoe inserts for an extended period of time, it diminishes body pains by activating acupoints on the surface of the feet.

These activated acupoints improve blood circulation and decrease tissue tension. With time, common body pain, such as lower back pain and foot soreness, would noticeably subside.

2. Increased Endurance And Energy

When body pain has subsided, and blood circulation has improved, energy levels would automatically increase, which would aid performance and function for extended periods of time.

Giving you the freedom to push that extra mile when jogging, to perform better at work without easily getting fatigued, and go about your daily activity with renewed vigor.

3. Improved Overall Wellness

When you don’t have to worry about physical pain, you’d be encouraged to have a more positive disposition. It will result in lesser mood swings and lesser consumption of pain killers.

It also might result in improved body posture and a less stressed-out look on your face. Without the debilitating physical and psychological effects of chronic foot pain, you no longer have to stay at home all day because your muscles and joints hurt a lot.

Thanks to its lightweight, non-intrusive design, it does not cause any discomfort even when worn for long durations of time.

How To Use Mindinsole

Mindinsole inserts are easy for anyone to use. Although you may need to trim the pair to fit your shoes/boots, it’s really just a simple matter of sliding them into your shoes.

Many people discovered within a few days of using the insoles, they forgot they even had them on…

When you get Mindinsole and they turn out to be way bigger than your shoe size, you can trim it down to size.

How To Cut Mindinsole

A key benefit of the Mindinsole inserts is that they come in a one size fits all option. The materials you would need to trim down the insoles are a pair of scissors, some craft paper, and a pen. You can follow the steps below.

  • Trace out the actual shoe size: Place the craft paper on a flat surface and set your shoe/boot on top of it. You can then use the pen to trace the outline of the shoe and cut it out from the paper with scissors.
  • Use the tracing as a template: You’ll then put the paper on top of the insole and use it as a template. When you run the pen around the edges of the paper, you’ll create an outline on the insole that shows you the portion of the insoles to cut out.
  • Trim the insole: With the scissors, you should then carefully cut around the edges of the insole to remove the excess material. As long as you follow the tracing you made with the template, you should create an insole that fits perfectly inside your shoe. You can then repeat the process to create a template for your other shoe for use on the second insole. Alternatively, If you have already had insoles, you can remove them and use each one as a template instead of making them from craft paper.
  • Insert into a shoe: Inserting the insole in your shoe is the only other step that you need to follow. The insoles should easily slide right inside each shoe.

Reasons To Go For Mindinsole

mindinsole review

When searching for the right soles to get there are a few things you might be looking out for. Here are some obvious reasons to make Mindinsole your go-to when compared with other shoe insoles

1. Easy to Use

A great reason to opt for the Mindinsole insoles is that they are so easy to use. If you ever used another pair before you might find problems such as:

  • Insoles that felt uncomfortable
  • Insoles that didn’t fit perfectly into your shoes
  • Insoles that had way too many processes before use
  • Insoles that took time getting used to

2. Lightweight

Mindinsole is exceptionally lightweight, unlike regular insoles that are made of heavier materials. It can be used for extended periods without any apparent discomfort (since it does not add any additional weight to one’s feet).

Additionally, unlike several insoles that are made using low-quality materials, MindInSole has been devised using a breathable fabric that not only allows for better ventilation but also does not allow harmful bacteria to fester and thrive (around one’s feet).

3. Size And Shape

MindInSole can be worn by both men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12 and women’s shoe sizes 7 to 12. It is a “one for all” design that allows the product to be trimmed as per the needs and wants of individual customers.

It can be used in conjunction with a wide array of footwear — including sandals and running and athletic shoes, work boots, high heels, loafers.

4. Easy To Clean

An easily overlooked advantage of MindInSole is that it can be cleaned relatively easily.

All one has to do is easily remove the insoles and clean them in a washing machine. Or take the product and dip it in soapy water and scrub gently. Once done, a thorough rinse is required (following which it can be dried and reused).

5. Design

Thanks to its unique “air-flow system,” MindInSole allows one’s feet to remain cool at all times. With its Ventilation-Based design and specialized magnets, which are strategically placed all over each insole, it prevents excess sweating (a well-known cause for skin infections).

Not only that, but daily use of the product can also reduce soreness and general wear and tear that our feet are subject to on a day to day basis.

Problems Caused By Feet Overheating

  • Would cause your feet to sweat, causing you discomfort
  • Resulting in smelly shoes and socks
  • May increase your risk of suffering from Athlete’s Foot
  • Wears out the insides of your shoes faster
  • Can cause dry skin on your feet, and result in peeling
  • Makes a preexisting foot condition worse

Pros And Cons [Mindinsole Reviews]


As we went through some of the top Mindinsole inserts reviews on the web, we kept finding some of the same positive aspects of the product mentioned time and time again. Those pros include:

  • Mindinsole inserts and their other healthcare products are available on the official site, making them easily accessible, and there are discount offers for those who buy more than one pair.
  • Can help improve your overall health.
  • Does not really add any extra weight to your shoes as other insoles do.
  • Has an overall effect that essentially massages your feet as you walk and run.
  • An alternatively affordable way to pamper your feet and reduce foot pain instead of having to visit an acupuncture specialist or using a foot bath.
  • Includes a shaping guide that shows you how to shape and trim the insoles for your shoes, if you find that the insoles need trimming.
  • The lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects that might interfere with the design of the insoles.
  • Can reduce the pain and pressure of certain medical conditions and the symptoms of those disorders.


  • Cutting of the insoles would render your warranty null and void
  • They take a while getting used to as they might be uncomfortable at first
  • Despite its purported numerous health benefits, some users reported there were no noticeable changes, as they expected.

What Makes Mindinsole Special?

mindinsole review

Most other related products in the market are produced for a specific group of people. However, mindinsole can be used by anybody whether you’re a workout freak, an athlete, or an office worker.

One of its special features is its acupuncture. It claims to provide support and relief to every problem related to the feet.

You might see many other insoles out there that are cheaper than mindinsole. But bear in mind that they wouldn’t stand the test of time. Most of them are made from foam-based material. They might feel good at first but will get damaged in no time.

Mindinsole on the other hand is made to support your feet all the way through. Its acupoints work well in massaging your feet and granting you relief. The included magnet also works wonders by cooling off your feet.

Who Is Mindinsole For?

This insole can help people with medical conditions that tend to affect their feet. It can also help prevent everyday sores or blisters from a long and stressful day of work.

Having said that, Mindinsole is made for anyone who spends a great deal of the day standing or walking. You can be a security guard or construction worker, this insole will protect your feet from the stress of standing or walking.

Athletes can also use mindinsole to reduce the stress on their feet during or after an intense workout. This way, you’ll prevent future foot problems.

Diabetic patients have long been known to have foot problems. Buying mindinsole will help protect your feet from getting injured which will worsen your case.

Should You Buy Mindinsole?

mindinsole review

You should be able to make this decision by now after going through all the provided information about Mindinsole. So ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

However, Mindinsole is one of those things that add so much value to your life that you won’t regret buying it. It claims to be able to provide you with the support you need and prevent foot problems and injuries.

Mindinsole Customer Reviews

The insoles are making a difference! I’ll admit I was skeptical, and I’m pleasantly pleased that when I wear them that I can feel a difference in how much less my feet hurt – even the next morning! So glad I took a chance on the product, I’m hoping over time they will heal.

Teresa Remy

Walking on clouds! I suffer from neuropathy and end up with burning feet in a short period of time, the first time I used MindInsole in my shoes I didn’t think about my feet for the duration of my time out. When I finally took my shoes off I realized that there was no discomfort.

Derryce Anderson

Been recommending them to everyone! I am a massage and bodyworker and I have so many people coming to me in pain that is unnecessary. I ordered 3 pairs of these and am about to order more!

Caydee Scheidemantel

How Much Is Mindinsole?

You shouldn’t think Mindinsole will be super expensive because I said there might be cheaper but low-quality alternatives.

Mindinsole is sold for just $38.99.

If you buy in packages, you’ll get an even cheaper unit price. However, you should know that Mindinsole is being sold at a 50% discount for now. Therefore you should grab yours now.

Where To Buy It [Mindinsole Review]

After the decision to buy mindinsole has been made, the next step is to look for where to buy it. The recommended place to buy this insole is from its official website.

Buying from there guarantees you get an original product and not fake. You might stumble upon other vendors online, just be wary of those as the quality of their products isn’t assured.

After shopping, you’ll be asked to put in your shipping address and payment information. Rest assured that your payment information is protected using 256-bit SSL encryption.

For convenience, you will be provided with different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You might be doubting if mindinsole actually works the way it is advertised. That’s valid thinking, but don’t be scared.

Mindinsole has received quite a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from people all around the world because of its effectiveness. Due to this, there has been a spike in its demand.

However, to further clear your doubt, Mindinsole comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 30 days to test out all the claims made by mindinsole.

If you find mindinsole faulty or not to perform well within 30 days after buying it, you can always return it for a full refund.


I’m certain you’ve gathered all the necessary information about mindinsole by now. You already know what this insole is capable of doing.

To reiterate, Mindinsole features acupuncture bumps that can help relieve you of pain after a long day of standing. It can also prevent your feet from sweating excessively thanks to its magnetic properties.

If you already have a foot problem like sores or blisters, then buying mindinsole is in your best interest. As a person who stands through most of the day, mindinsole is ideal for you. Click the button below to get yours.