EZSipper Reviews [2021] – The Best Reusable Straw You Can Switch To

EZSipper Reviews

EZSipper Reviews

You’ve probably heard environmentalists fighting for disposable straws to get banned. But you use them every day, so you wonder why they want it banned.

If you’re like me and have sensitive teeth, then you probably drink anything hot or cold with a straw. Whenever I’m drinking coffee or soda, I definitely have to use a straw because of my teeth.

Additionally, I dread the idea of putting my mouth on the same cup that has been used by many. That might sound silly but I definitely avoid it if I can.

However, many shops and restaurants are beginning to stop the use of disposable plastic straws. They’ve either equipped their cups with special sipping lids or encourage people to come with their reusable straws.

To someone who doesn’t know, these measures might seem like overkill. Well, yeah, because it’s disrupting the way you drink. However, these measures are taken for the greater good.

Plastic reusable straws are a great part of environmental pollution. These straws can’t be recycled hence ends up in landfills or oceans. Imagine how it’ll impact aquatic life.

In a year, you’ll probably use about 500 straws and that’s just you. Imagine the sheer number of straws used by the world population yearly. And this goes to the ocean. You can just go to YouTube and see how pollution is messing with fishes and other aquatic animals.

There’s literally an island in the ocean called garbage island. Yeah, you guessed right. It’s an island in the middle of the ocean made of garbage.

To reduce environmental pollution, the use of straw isn’t prohibited, rather the use of reusable straws is encouraged. Since its inception, there are lots of reusable straws out there to choose from.

To make life easier for you, I’ve gone through many of them and picked out one of the best. This reusable straw is called EZSipper.

Let’s see how this reusable straw performs against the disposable straw you’re already used to.

What Is EZSipper?

EZSipper reviews

As you already know, EZSipper is a reusable steel straw. Unlike the usual disposable straw, EZSipper is eco-friendly and reusable.

One thing people tend to overlook a lot is the chemicals contained in disposable straws. These chemicals go straight into our bodies when we sip our drinks through this straw. And there’s no need to tell you the health risks associated but it’s sure risky.

In the case of EZSipper, it’s made of steel and contains no such chemicals that come from plastic. You can safely sip your drinks without worrying about your health.

With EZSipper, you literally save the planet from 500 straws a year, and that’s just you. You can enjoy your drinks knowing that you’re helping to make the world a better place.

You might be thinking of how inconvenient and uncomfortable it’ll be carrying around your own straws. However, that won’t be the case here. EZSipper comes in an easy to carry container as you’d see in the images in this article.

Moreover, this reusable straw isn’t shabby. Actually, it’s an eye-catcher because people always turn to see or ask you about it. Now, let’s talk about features.

Features Of EZSipper

EZSipper reviews

1. High-Quality Material –EZSipper is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. This makes it safe to use without worrying about harmful chemicals getting into your body. Additionally, it means it wouldn’t rust making it able to last a lifetime.

2. Perfect Bore Diameter – With too little or too wide diameter, a straw becomes difficult to use. However, EZSipper seems to get it just right. The diameter of this reusable straw is about 0.24 in or 6mm. That translates to perfection every time you sip with this straw.

3. Easy To Use –EZSipper needs to be assembled before use. However, this can be done in seconds without a problem. I’ll show you exactly how to do that later in this article.

4. Ideal Length –So many tests were done go find the length that supports both portability and satisfaction. In the end, EZSipper is made to be 10.5 inches or 265mm long. At that length, you can easily enjoy your drinks to full satisfaction.

5. Pocket-Sized And Portable – This reusable straw is made easy to carry around. The straws come in a compact case that you can put anywhere. It can even fit into your pocket.

6. Easy To Clean –This kit comes with a pipe brush that can be used to clean the straws after use. It’s super easy to do.

7. Stylish Design –Don’t expect EZ sipper to be a gothic product when you receive it. This straw is actively designed to be stylish and catch people’s attention. You can still look good while saving the world.

8. Protects Against Temperature –More often than not, you get burnt from sipping hot tea with regular straws. However, EZSipper comes with a silicone mouthpiece that protects you from too hot tea or very cold soda.

9. Chemical-Free And Safe –This eco-friendly straw does not contain chemicals that are health hazards such as BPA. Therefore it is totally safe to use.

Look how easy it is to use stainless steel straws!

Benefits Of Using EZSipper

Now, there’d be no point switching to EZSipper if it’s not better than the regular disposable straw. However, it is better therefore there are quite a lot of benefits add with using this eco-friendly straw. Let’s talk about a few of them.

1. Save The Planet Like A Superhero

EZ Sipper reviews

According to statistics, one person uses over 500 disposable straws per year. And as they can’t be recycled, these straws end up in landfills and oceans, killing off aquatic life.

There are lots of videos on YouTube on how this plastic waste has negatively impacted aquatic life. Some fishes have plastics on their body, some have straws through their eyes, and others just die after eating these plastics.

Saving the planet starts with one person at a time and that’s me and you. If you replace plastic straws with EZSipper, then you’re helping the environment by not disposing of about 500 straws a year.

It might seem like little to you, but it’s a good start. You can comfortably enjoy sipping your drinks knowing that you’re actually doing good for planet earth.

2. Saves You Money

Well, many of us don’t consider this, I know I don’t. We buy disposable straws almost every time without worrying about the cost. Well, that’s because it’s dead cheap.

However, if you start to put the money together after a year or two, then it becomes a sizeable sum of money. You’d be surprised.

On the other hand, EZSippper is made of steel hence made to last forever. By hearing steel, you might think of rusting, but this reusable straw is made with 304 stainless steel resistant to rust.

So with EZSipper, you just spend once and you never need to spend on straws again. You can conveniently sip your drinks using it at all times. And you can do this for as long as you live, without needing a new one.

3. Healthy For You

We use plastics every day, straws included. However, many of them aren’t really safe for use because of the chemicals they contain. Such chemicals include bisphenol A and S.

However, EZSipper is free of those. Therefore you can enjoy your drinks without fear for your health.

4. It’s A Cloud Pleaser

Contrary to what you might think, much thought was put into the design of EZSipper. It has a neat and sleek design. Its steel material makes it all the more unique.

While using it in public you’re sure to be the center of attention. Even though metal straws aren’t new, none has been able to do it as well as EZSipper.

You’ll definitely get lots of admiring looks and even people coming up to ask where you got it. It’s just amazingly designed.

5. Take It Anywhere

EZ Sipper reviews

One problem people might have with reusable straws is carrying them from one place to another. This is usually because of the inconvenient designs of many reusable straws out there.

However, EZSipper isn’t one of them. Its design makes it compact and easy to clean. The straws come in a compact case making it easy to carry around with you.

Well, the benefits of using EZSipper go on but we would go through it all. While saving the environment is one of its biggest benefits, you can find out others when you buy this eco-friendly straw.

How To Use EZSipper

EZSipper reviews

EZSipper comes in a compact package for portability. However, the straw itself is made of three parts and has to be assembled before use. It’s actually easy to do though. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be done in seconds.

Step 1 –Open the EZSipper carrying case.

Step 2 –Pick out the three straw segments and screw them together.

Step 3 – Add the silicon mouthpiece to the assembled unit.

Step 4 – Now drop it in your drink and enjoy.

Now, remember to always clean up after use and store them back in the case.

Why Use A Metal Straw?

EZSipper review

It’s not totally easy to switch from your everyday plastic straw to metal straws. On the other hand, it’s not too difficult either. There might be some preconceptions about using a metal straw which I’ll dispel in this section.

It’s quite true that temperature affects metal more than plastic. Therefore one would be burnt while drinking hot tea using a metal straw. However, EZSipper has found a way around it with its silicon mouthpiece.

This also makes it ideal for your kids because they wouldn’t have to clench or jam their teeth at hot or cold drinks. Besides, they wouldn’t have to jam their teeth on the steel directly.

Being made of steel, you might think it’ll be hard to clean after use. But action, the opposite is the case. EZSipper is very easy to clean because it is made of steel and can also be detached. Besides, there’s an added brush to help you out.

Being made from metal doesn’t mean you’ll get a metal aftertaste when using EZSipper. It’s been perfectly made to prevent that from happening.

One of the major concerns when it comes to metal is rust. However, rest assured that EZSipper wouldn’t undergo oxidation or rusting because of the quality of steel used to make it. Therefore you can use it for as long as you like.

EZSipper is ideal for any drink be it hot, cold or room temperature. Being metal doesn’t make it bad, it actually makes it the best reusable straw around.

Pros And Cons [EZSipper Reviews]

Well, just like everything, EZSipper has good and bad sides. And in this section, we’d be looking at both sides to know which supersedes.


  • Compact and portable
  • Made from 304 steel
  • Comes with both straight and bent straws
  • Comes in a compact case
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safe for use
  • Has a stylish design
  • Have the ideal length and diameter for maximum satisfaction
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • It can only be bought from the official website
  • Shipping might be delayed a bit

Why Is EZSipper Special?

EZSipper review

We’ve certainly driven home why you need to switch to reusable straws. However, there are lots out there, so why EZSipper?

To start with, EZSipper is made with food-grade steel which makes it safe to use. This means you don’t need to be afraid of ingesting chemicals of any sort while using this straw.

Furthermore, EZSipper comes in a compact case which makes it easy to carry around. Being reusable means you have to take it everywhere you go, so it was made easy for you.

Being made of metal doesn’t always mean gothic.EZSipper is stylishly designed and pleasing to the eye. You can comfortably use it in public without being shy of it.

People usually complain of metallic aftertaste after using a metallic straw. This made EZSipper put much thought into its own sipper. From what users have said, there’s no metallic aftertaste with EZSipper.

Being reusable means you’ll have to clean it up after use. With this straw, cleaning up is very easy. There’s also an included brush that makes the process even easier.

Who Is EZSipper For?

Well, at one point in our lives we’ve all had to use a straw for one reason or the other. Maybe it’s too hot, cold or you just don’t want to spill anything on your clothes.

Therefore, I can easily tell you that EZSipper is made for everyone. More importantly, if you’re conscious of the environment and want to make an impact then EZSipper is a good start.

You’ll be able to stop 500 straws from killing sea animals and others. This way you can comfortably sip your drink while knowing that saving the mother planet.

Very soon, most shops and restaurants will stop the use of disposable straws. Therefore the earlier you change to reusable straw, the better for you. Out of all the reusable straws out there, EZSipper is one of the best out there.

Should You Buy EZSipper?

The decision to buy EZSipper is still yours to make. The aim of this article is to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

However, if you’ve considered reusable straws, then I’d suggest you just go ahead and buy EZSipper. It’s one of those things you won’t regret buying because it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you’re saving the earth.

EZSipper Customer Reviews

I’ve been meaning to get a good reusable straw for a while, and this is exactly what I was looking for. It comes in a nice attractive metal case, the straw is very easy to clean, and you arrange the pieces to fit any kind of cup.

Jenny Strada

I love the rubber mouthpieces because I like to bite the tips of my straws and don’t like the feel of metal between my teeth. I’ve had mine for several months now and it’s still like new!

Hannah Curtis

I bought one for each of my daughters and they love it! They clip them to their backpacks and take them to school every day. It’s great for the environment, but my daughters just think they’re cute!

Barbara Santana

I love iced coffee and I need to use a straw because my teeth are sensitive to cold, but I feel so guilty about how much waste they make. Now I’ll never have to use another plastic straw!

Gordon Cartwright

How Much Is EZSipper?

EZSipper can be used for a lifetime, so you might think that it’ll be pricey. However, it is made affordable so many people can be able to abandon disposable straws.

EZSipper is sold for just $39.99.

There are package options available that will even drive the unit price lower. It is noteworthy to know that EZSipper is currently sold at a 50% discount. So the best time to buy yours is now.

Where To Buy It

After you’ve decided to buy this eco-friendly straw, the next step would be how to get a high-quality product. The recommended place to buy EZSipper is from its official website.

At checkout, you’ll be required to put in your shipping address and payment information. Rest assured that your payment info is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

To make your shopping experience smooth, you’d be provided with several payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While reading this review, you’re probably wondering if this reusable straw is actually as good. Unfortunately, many reviewers tend to exaggerate products and claim what it can’t do.

However, in the case of EZSipper, that’s not the case. This straw has been used worldwide by thousands of people. It has received positive testimonials and reviews to show how useful it is.

To further clear your doubts, EZSipper comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 30 days to try out this straw and check out all its features.

If within 30 days you find this reusable straw to be unsatisfactory, then you’re free to return it for a full refund. Although remember to return it undamaged and in its original packaging.

FAQs [EZ Sipper Reviews]

Can I wash EZSipper in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. This reusable steel straw is dishwasher friendly. However, it is advised to wash the silicone mouthpiece by hand.

Will there be a metallic taste when using EZSipper?

No. EZSipper is made from 304 steel that is non-corrosive and non-reactive, therefore it doesn’t interfere with the taste of your drink.

Is the end of this straw sharp?

No, it isn’t. However, to provide extra comfort to your lips, a silicone mouthpiece is added to the mix.

Conclusion [EZSipper Review]

Just type environmental pollution on the internet and you’ll be swarmed with pictures of heaps of garbage in the oceans and elsewhere. This destroys the dynamics of the planet, no doubt.

You can’t change everything at once on your own. However, with one little act, you can reduce the number of disposable plastics that go into oceans and landfills. And the littlest you can start with is straws.

Many shops and restaurants are now removing disposable straws from their service while encouraging people to bring their own reusable straw. It’ll be safer to have yours before you’ll be stranded without one.

Out of all the reusable straw out there, EZSipper is one of the best. It is made with high-quality steel which can last a lifetime without rusting.

You’re able to enjoy all your drinks with this straw without getting a metallic after taste. It also comes with a silicone mouthpiece therefore you won’t hurt your mouth with a hot drink.

EZSipper is the ideal straw for your transformation into the eco-friendly and reusable category. It is easy to use and clean and also comes in a portable case.

The design makes it an eye-catcher. You’re sure to turn heads while using EZSipper. It’s never too late to save the planet, you can start now by getting this reusable straw. Click the button below to buy yours.