EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews – 19,541 People Saved More Than A Million Dollars With This!!

ez battery reconditioning reviews

EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews

If only they could last forever.

It’s always a pain in the ass when we’re reminded the need to always buy a new battery every few years.

It’s one of the expensive maintenance costs of owning a car, machinery, or electrical appliance. But what can you do? You need it.

What if there’s a way to get more out of your battery?

How awesome would that be?

Fortunately, there is. This allows you to use your battery to the max for a while longer before considering a new one.

The thing is, many of us replace old batteries because they’ve become less powerful. The truth is, with a little tweak, it can become as potent as usual.

And this is called battery reconditioning.

Buy how do I get the necessary knowledge and tools needed to carry out this method?

There’s a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about bringing back your battery to life and it’s called the EZ battery reconditioning program.

In this EZ battery reconditioning review, I’ll give you all the necessary information you need to know about the program and how it’ll help save your battery for a few more years.

What Is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

ez battery reconditioning reviews

As the name suggests, this program gives you the tool list and knowledge required to recondition your battery and double its lifespan.

It’s nothing complex, just a 10 – 20 minute procedure meant to rejuvenate your allegedly dead battery.

It’s fairly common for cars to run out of battery at a very inconvenient time. Or refuse to start after being parked in an unknown area, leaving you scared and frustrated.

All this can be prevented by following EZ battery reconditioning.

You’ll be able to test your batteries using everyday tools like hydrometer and revive those that are not performing well. With this, you can double the lifespan of any battery at all, be it your car, golf cart, or rechargeable appliances.

With the explosive growth of the electric car industry and other major devices, we are becoming more dependent on batteries. You can imagine how much pollution there’ll be due to the massive discarding of underused battery.

EZ battery reconditioning will help you keep your battery in top condition and at the same time save our planet from pollution due to improper battery disposal.

So how does this thing work?

How EZ Battery Reconditioning Works

Before we go into considering how this program works, let’s take a minute to know what a wet cell is.

As the name suggests, a wet cell is a kind of battery that has liquid in it. Basically, it is made up of an electrolyte and electrodes.

The most common example is the lead-acid battery which contains sulfuric acid and lead plates. When a load is connected to the terminals of this battery, it evokes a chemical reaction that would create electricity.

After a while, corrosive processes take place. One such process is the reduction in the size of the lead electrodes. These are all natural processes but will lead to underperformance of the battery.

Phew…that almost got technical. With that out of the way, let’s see how EZ battery reconditioning helps delay this from happening.

The decrease in battery performance can make one believe that the battery is dead or about to die. Getting a new battery isn’t anybody’s favorite thing to do, it’s expensive. So why not squeeze out every ounce of life from the one you already have?

EZ battery reconditioning program is one of simplicity and lists everything you need to do in a systematic and easy to understand way.

Should we give it a spin? Alright, let’s.

Sneak Peek Into EZ Battery Reconditioning

You have to safely disconnect your battery from any load and power source to the battery. It’s important that you have gloves and eye google for protection.

The very first thing to do is clean the terminals of your battery. After long use, residues accumulate on the positive and negative terminals and need to be cleaned with steel wool or an abrasive brush. This is to ensure that good contact is maintained.

ez battery reconditioning reviews

So what next?

For the next step, you’d need some cheap electrical devices, a hydrometer and multimeter/voltmeter.

To know if the battery is still producing adequate voltage, a multimeter is used. And this will give you insight into the performance of the battery.

As earlier stated, many rechargeable batteries are wet cells, so contain liquid. To check the density of the liquid, a hydrometer is used.

You don’t have to worry about a single thing if you don’t know how to do any of the above. It is completely laid out in this ebook how to do all these things step by step.

About those tool, they can be gotten at online stores or any hardware store for a very cheap price.

So far we have;

  • Clean the terminals of the battery to ensure good contact point, and
  • Measure the performance using a multimeter and hydrometer.

While doing the above, you should be on the lookout for cracks and bulges in the individual cells.

Let’s move on…

As I said earlier, in a lead-acid battery, electricity is produced as a result of a chemical reaction. This leads to the sulfation of the lead plates.

This just means the sulfuric acid dissociates and sticks to the lead plate. So to make the battery potent again, this has to be reversed. And this is what happens when charging a battery.

For your car battery, the alternator does not have enough voltage to fully reverse this process and hence cannot fully charge your battery.

In essence, after using your battery for a while, the lead plates become stuffed with sulfate residue and is only able to produce less and less electricity.

This is called sulfation.

ez battery reconditioning review

How can you reverse sulfation?

This is the bulk of battery reconditioning. There are different methods to undo sulfation and are listed in the EZ battery reconditioning guide.

One of such methods is by using chemical additives.

The basis of this is that the sulfate loves binding to this chemical compound more than lead. So if this compound is added to a battery, sulfate will bind to it and be removed from the lead plates. This would allow the battery to perform much better.

Another method is called equalization. This is popular among individuals that own many batteries. It involves using high voltage with a low amplitude to bring a battery back to life.

The full step by step guide on how to do it is properly written in this EZ battery reconditioning program. So don’t be afraid of unknown words or anything like that. There are pictures to help you through.

The e-book discusses all the methods deeply and compares different methods giving you the pros and cons of each.

It also outlines the safety precautions you need to take to avoid accidents or injury.

For the advanced persons that need more insight, the details of what is happening inside the battery are also given.

Who Is Behind This Course?

As is always said, something can only be good as the maker. EZ battery reconditioning was developed by Tom Ericson.

With the zeal to bring old batteries back to life and cut costs, he formulated this unique course. Over the years, he has used the principles of this course to recondition hundreds of batteries.

He didn’t want to keep this knowledge to himself alone so opted to offer this value to everyone. A lot of people have testified to the methods in this course and how it has helped them save thousands of dollars.

Benefits Of EZ Battery Reconditioning

There’d be no point in getting this ebook if it wouldn’t benefit you in any way. Still, to make it clear, these are what you stand to gain from the EZ battery reconditioning program.

  1. Longer Battery Life: This is the bulk of what this course is about. It will prolong the life of your battery and massively reduce the frequency at which you buy new batteries.
  2. Saves You Money: Buying batteries for your car or electrical appliance doesn’t come cheap. By reducing the number of times you get new batteries you save a lot of money to put into other areas of your life.
  3. More Insight: This course opens your eyes to what is happening within the battery and how it works.
  4. Reduces Pollution: With a reduction in the number of batteries you buy, you actually save the environment from pollution. You don’t need to be told of how improper battery disposal ruins the environment.

Another Angle…

You can actually build a side business using this ebook. It teaches you how to rejuvenate a dead or dying battery quite alright. But what if you can monetize that?

Well, it’s not a new idea because many people using this course are already doing it.

You can virtually buy dead batteries at an extremely cheap price, recondition them, and sell for massive profit.

I can’t see that going wrong.

As you can see, EZ battery reconditioning saves you money and makes you money at the same time.

Who Is It For?

That’s a good question but an easy one. Ez battery reconditioning is for everyone. You can hardly see anybody today that isn’t using a rechargeable battery in one way or the other.

So once you own an appliance, device, or machinery that uses a wet cell and requires charging, then this ebook is in your best interest. It goes without saying but it will save you so much money in the long run.

If you have dead batteries lying in your garage, EZ battery reconditioning can rejuvenate them back to 100%. As a result, you’ll have more than one option when it comes to battery. In case you couldn’t charge one, there’ll be lots of alternatives.

Contrary to what you might think, this guide is not just for car batteries. It is also applicable to batteries of

  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • Golf cart
  • Inverter
  • Forklift
  • And many more…

There’s no way you don’t have one of the above. So instead of spending money buying a new battery, just bring the old one back to life.

Pros And Cons [EZ Battery Reconditioning Review]


  • Very simplified, so easy to understand.
  • Contains pictures and drawings for easy learning.
  • It is digital, so no need for shipping.
  • It is risk-free
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some people would have loved a physical book.
  • No videos included.

Price Of EZ Battery Reconditioning

This book is currently sold at a discount of $47. It is obviously sold way lower than its real value. It’s best you get a copy now because nobody knows when the price will return to the normal price of $299.

On purchase, you get lifetime access to this program and all the extra bonuses included. You’re just paying for the ebook and nothing else, so don’t be afraid of any hidden charges because there’s none.

Where To Buy It

It is only normal for me to direct you where to get it from. Please, get this ebook from the official website only.

To make it easier, you’ll be redirected to the official page by clicking any button on this article. Buying from the official website will grant you access to all the available bonuses and discounts.

Your payment information is secured as it is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. You’re also provided with several payment options so that the purchase will be easy for you.

Refund Policy

To show his confidence in this program, Tom has offered a 60-day money-back guarantee to anyone who buys this ebook.

This means you can try what is in this book for two whole months. If you feel it didn’t work for you or yield expected results, you’re free to return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

What Are People Saying?

This course has been used by 19,541 people and from the reviews, I can say it delivered a great deal of value to them. Here are the few I could put together;

When my car battery died, I decided to try out the EZ Battery Reconditioning method instead of buying a new (expensive) battery. And in just 25 minutes, I reconditioned the battery and it works fantastic again! This already saved me $120 on a car battery! I can’t wait to try this on other batteries now.

Jeff Dobbins

I recently got the EZ Battery Reconditioning program and just reconditioned two car batteries. The guides were very easy to follow. I wish I would have found this years ago! Thanks!

Frank Murray

I was curious about your program so I decided to try it out after hearing from a friend how well this worked for her. I’m so glad I did! I’ve reconditioned 17 batteries with EZ Battery Reconditioning, even an old car battery I thought was long gone. My son likes using your program too! This is a skill everybody should know! Thank you, Tom and Frank.

Ceceil Neel

FAQ [EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews]

Is EZ battery reconditioning legit?

This program is highly reliable as suggested by thousands of people that have used it. It claims to deliver what it promises. To further boost their credence, they’re offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Can you really recondition old batteries?

Sure you can. And this ebook is going to take you through a step by step process on how to do exactly that.

When should you recondition your battery?

This would be revealed to you in the course. There’s a voltage threshold of which if your battery output is below that you have to recondition.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. You just pay for that ebook and that gives you a lifetime access to all the resources you need.

TL; DR: Do not throw away your old and underperforming batteries. EZ battery recondition will teach you how to bring them back to 100% performance.


Making the most of what we have is human nature. Having to discard your battery just because it’s underperforming is painful when you consider the cost of a new one.

Due to the technological advancements in the world, many of us own several battery-powered devices. And the cost of replacing them is always a burden.

If you’re thinking this ebook will give you the tools and knowledge to keep using one battery forever then I’m sorry to say, but you’re misguided.

Every battery must eventually degenerate till it can’t be used anymore. The aim of EZ battery reconditioning is to hold that off for as long as possible. It reduces your frequency of buying new batteries from 1 in 5 years to about 1 in 10 years.

So why not save that extra money to get yourself that new dress or sneakers you’ve always wanted.

On another note, EZ battery reconditioning is very simple and easy to read. It’s quite easy to understand on the first read. There are enough pictures and drawings to show you what is going on.

Click the button below to bring the best out of your battery and save your pocket.