EqualPlus Reviews [2021 Update] – This Might Be The Perfect Glasses For You

equalplus reviews

EqualPlus Reviews

You’ll agree with me when I say eye problems are very common in society. You can hardly walk by without seeing anyone with glasses. It’s difficult, if not straight out impossible.

Over time, millions of people have been diagnosed with visual impairment worldwide. And this number keeps increasing by the day.

Several factors might lead to visual disturbances. Age and genetics are some of the major factors that play a role when it comes to eye problems.

The most common type of eye problem is refractive errors. You’ll hear someone say they can’t see you while you’re far away or too near. This is because of malformations of the refractive system in the eyes.

The refraction of light in the eye brings about good focus. If the refractive system is problematic, then your focusing will be affected as well. So the case with people with refractive error is that they can’t focus on objects that are too near or too far.

If you can’t focus on a near object, that’s called farsightedness. Meanwhile, if you can’t focus or see far objects, that’s called nearsightedness.

The most common solution to these conditions is prescription glasses. This is why you see so many people wear glasses these days. The use of contact lenses is also growing because of aesthetic reasons. Although there are still some health concerns.

However, up to 30% of these people are wearing the wrong glasses either due to self-prescription or wrong prescription by the doctor. Wearing the wrong glasses for your eyes can cause a lot of discomfort like headaches, vertigo, dizziness, etc.

Although not the best choice, some people reject to wear glasses due to several reasons. Some of such reasons are; due to discomfort, makes them look nerdy, not fashionable, etc. Once diagnosed with refractive error, it only keeps getting worse if you don’t correct it using glasses.

All these reasons led this tech company to develop a fully adjustable, lightweight, and stylishly designed eyeglass. Compared to traditional glasses, it is high-tech and can fine-tune your vision so well.

This eyeglass is called EqualPlus. It uses the technology of today to provide you with eyeglasses that you have control over. You can essentially adjust all its parts to suit your taste.

In this Equal Plus reviews, I’ll go deep into all the details about this revolutionary eyeglass and how it can impact your life differently.

What Is Equal Plus Glasses?

equalplus reviews
EqualPlus Reviews

This is an innovative eyeglass that eliminates all the problems of a traditional eyeglass. It provides you with an adjustable focus which makes it ideal for different eye problems.

EqualPlus uses sophisticated technology that allows you to adjust the focus of the glasses as you wish. It can be used in different situations, reading, watching TV, or during outdoor activities.

With EqualPlus, it just seems you have more than one eyeglass. It is unlike traditional glasses because it is designed to be fashionable and stylish.

While designing this high-tech glass, your convenience as the wearer was highly considered. The frame of this glass is strong, reliable, and flexible. Additionally, it is also classy and stylish which adds to your personality.

EqualPlus is made to be all in one. It is intended to correct more than one eye problem. It can be used for myopia, astigmatism, etc. And it is suitable to be worn by people of any age.

EqualPlus gives you total control over your eyesight. You can comfortably adjust the focus of each lens differently just by turning a dial. If this is not convenient, then I don’t know what is.

EqualPlus is here to save you from all those reasons why you’ve refused to wear the traditional glasses or found them uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at all the features these glasses have to offer.

Features Of EqualPlus Eyeglasses

equalplus reviews

Sliding Lens: This technology gives you the ability to adjust the lens of this eyeglass till it reaches your perfect condition.

1. Unisex Design: Due to its stylish and fashionable design, Equalplus can fit into your everyday outfit. Your gender or age doesn’t matter.

2. Fits Your Vision: Equal Plus is equipped with dual lenses. This makes it able to be adjusted just to suit your personal preference.

3. Adjustable: As said earlier, Equal Plus can be adjusted to suit any condition. It has a wide range of -6 to +3. This makes it very convenient because you wouldn’t need to have different glasses for different things.

4. Scratch-Resistant: It’s usually annoying to see that your lenses have been scratched. EqualPlus is made with a special scratch-resistant coating. Therefore you don’t need to worry too much when it falls.

5. Wide Spectrum: EqualPlus can cover a wide range of distances. It can reach a spectrum of -6.00 to +3.00. This allows you to switch focal lengths easily.

6. Fingerprint-Proof: EqualPlus is protected against smudges. No need to keep cleaning it all the time.

7. Easy To Use: EqualPlus is very easy to use. All you have to do is adjust the dial until you have a perfect vision.

8. Durable Lens And Frame: The lens of EqualPlus eyeglass is made from polycarbonate material. This makes it resistant to scratch-resistant and not easily damaged. The frame is made from fiber material which gives it flexibility.

How Does Equal Plus Work?

Equal plus review

With traditional glasses, once you can’t see something then you can’t. There’s no two ways about it.

On the other hand, EqualPlus is made of sliding and adjustable lens. This makes it possible to focus on objects at different distances.

If you can’t see an object, all you need to do is turn the dial besides the lenses. This would keep aligning the lenses till you have perfect vision.

EqualPlus plus is personalised. It’s made just for you. You can always adjust to fit your vision perfectly.

How To Use EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses

Using equal plus is not all that different from using the traditional glasses except in one aspect.

Once you get your equalplus eyeglasses, put them on and see how it fits.

It’s alright if you can’t see well at first. Now turn the dial besides the lenses until your vision becomes perfect.

Each lens is tuned differently so you’d have to do the same for both. After adjusting the lens, you’re done and ready to rock your new glasses.

To put it simply, just wear your equal plus glasses and adjust the lenses till you have a perfect vision.

Benefits Of Using EqualPlus

equal plus reviews

This new-gen eyeglass will add so much value to your life in terms of perfect vision. The eye is one of the organs we cherish the most because through it we can see how beautiful the world is. Let’s run through the things you stand to gain from Equal Plus.

1. Extraordinary Near Vision

More often than not, a lot of us struggle with near vision. You can probably notice this when you try to read. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to make out the words in the book.

The next thing, in this case, is to squint as much as possible so that you can see. But that doesn’t usually end well because at the end of the day you’ll come down with headaches and eye strain.

EqualPlus plus glasses give you the right lens you need to overcome that problem. With its adjustable and slide lens technology, you’d be able to set the eyeglass to suit your vision.

You don’t have to deal with disturbed vision, headaches, or eye strains anymore. You can hope to read with clarity and ease while using Equal Plus.

2. Picture-Perfect Far Vision

Taking an outdoor trip is very relaxing at the very least. Say maybe hiking or a picnic in the wild. This is great and all, but what’s the point if you can’t see the beautiful scenery?

With the help of EqualPlus, you will have a very clear vision of everything around you. It’ll help you see as far as possible. Now you can enjoy the sight and appreciate nature.

This doesn’t only apply to outdoor activities, EqualPlus can help you see someone that’s at a distance or maybe read a billboard from your car. This makes things easier for you.

3. Becomes A Fashion Accessory

Equalplus is designed to be sleek, stylish and fashionable. It can easily fit into your daily style and outwear.

On its own, EqualPlus looks very elegant and sleek to be called a fashion accessory. It appeals to the eyes in a very good way.

With this quality, you can rest assured that people won’t see you as wearing a big nerdy glass rather a fashion accessory.

4. Eye Specific

Commonly in eye problems, one eye is more affected than the other. However, this is not usually taken into account when getting a traditional eyeglass.

EqualPlus has made each lens to be adjusted differently. This way you can separate control the focus of each eye thereby reducing the stress on the less affected eye.

5. Saves You Time And Stress

When using traditional eyeglasses, you’d have to keep going to the doctor to get them adjusted. This might seem little but if calculated, you’ll see that’s a lot of time you could’ve put into something else.

With its technology, EqualPlus provides you with an endless possibility of adjustments. You can just turn the dial and your vision becomes perfect again.

On another note, your normal eyeglass is fragile and needs lots of care and maintenance. You’d have to be careful to avoid scratch or falls. You’d have to keep cleaning fog smudges off the lens.

Equal plus has a scratch-resistant feature that makes it less maintenance. Its lens is also less prone to fog and smudges. EqualPlus will save you from a lot of stress.

6. Reduces Your Expenses

While using the traditional eyeglass, you’d have to change them every once in a while. This is because your eyesight can either improve or get worse and needs a change of lens. And as we all know, lenses come at a high price.

With equal plus, you only need to buy your eyeglass once. And after that, you can just adjust it with time to fit your vision. You can imagine how much it’ll save you in the long run.

These are just some of the benefits of using Equal Plus adjustable eyeglass. Others you’d notice after you start using.

EqualPlus VS Others [EqualPlus Reviews]

EqualPlus Adjustable EyeglassTraditional Glasses
Very affordableExpensive
CustomizableFixed Prescription
PersonalizedNot personalized
Low maintenanceProne to smudges and scratches
Stylish and sleekLooks nerdy
Less likely to break if it fallsMore likely to break if it falls
Range of -6 to +3DFixed Range

Pros And Cons [Equal Plus Glasses Review]


  • Adjustable focus
  • Stylishly designed
  • Wide range of -6 to +3
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Very affordable


  • It can only be bought online through its official website
  • Stock is limited due to high demand
  • Shipping might delay a bit due to current events.

What Makes Equal Plus Special?

equalplus reviews

We as humans beings love being in control and that’s exactly what Equalplus is bringing to the table.

With slide lens technology, EqualPlus allows you to change the focus of your eyeglass to suit your condition. This is possible due to its wide range of -6 to -3. And for this reason, it is suitable for people with different eye problems that have prevented them from seeing well.

Special care was applied when it comes to the material used to make Equalplus. Polarised lenses are used to control the amount of light allowed into your eyes so that you can see sharper images.

Additionally, polarised lenses need only little maintenance as they are scratch and smudge-proof. You spend more time actually wearing your glasses than cleaning it.

The frame of equal plus adjustable eyeglass is made from a very strong and resilient fiber material. Accidents happen but what differentiates EqualPlus from others is that it doesn’t damage when it falls.

You don’t have to buy different eyeglasses for different occasions anymore. EqualPlus is designed in such a stylish way that it fits a dressing or occasion.

With Equal Plus, you can read or watch TV all you want without having to squint even once. It’ll solve those headaches, dizziness, and eye strain you usually have from trying too hard to see.

Equal plus is an eyeglass that lets you see the world without the constraints of traditional glasses. You have full control of how far or near you can see.

Its adjustable ability is what sets it apart from others. And this feature can help you in lots of ways be it indoors while reading or outdoors while hiking.

Who Should Use EqualPlus?

Equal plus adjustable eyeglass is for everyone who uses the traditional eyeglass but is tired of it for one reason or the other.

Is it uncomfortable to wear those traditional glasses?

Are you shy of wearing them because it’s block and looks kinda nerdy?

Are you tired of changing them over time?

Equal plus adjustable eyeglass solves all those problems and is the best alternative to these traditional glasses.

It is not made for one gender alone or a certain age range. It can be worn by both males and females likewise people of any age.

The facts remain if you’re diagnosed with eye problems especially refractive errors and you don’t wear glasses, it’s only going to get worse.

But I also understand that these normal eyeglasses you see everywhere are annoying and uncomfortable to wear. This is why EqualPlus eyeglass came into existence.

Equal plus does not have all the problems other eyeglasses have. It gives you the room to fine-tune and perfect your vision by yourself.

Should You Buy EqualPlus Eyeglass?

In the end, this decision is for you to make. This review article aims to give you the good and bad of Equalplus so that you can make an informed decision whether to buy or not.

But as a suggestion, I’ll urge you to buy Equal Plus eyeglass because it solves many problems for you.

This adjustable eyeglass helps you see over a wide range of distance just by adjusting the dial on its frame. This will allow you to read a book with the utmost clarity and also see the mountains with perfect vision.

You don’t have to worry about getting matching eyeglasses for every outfit. EqualPlus has a sleek and stylish design that can fit into your personality just like that.

It’ll solve all the discomforts you get while wearing the traditional glasses. From headache, dizziness to eye strain, and vertigo. No more of these problems.

How Much Is EqualPlus?

For an eyeglass that promises an all in one experience, you would expect it to be priced very high. But that’s not the case, the manufacturers want everybody to be able to get this eyeglass.

Equalplus adjustable eyeglass cost just $59.99.

As you can see it’s way cheaper than you can imagine. Although it’s been sold at a discount at the moment. So you should grab this opportunity and buy yours before it goes back to the original price of $92.98.

Where To Buy It?

The only recommended place to buy Equal Plus is through its official website. This is to ensure you get a genuine product and not a fake one. Your eyes are very important so they take it seriously.

To make it easier for you, just click on any button on this article and you’ll be taken straight to the official website.

Once on the website, you’ll be shown packages that might be suitable for you. The choice is yours to make.

At checkout, you’ll need to input your payment information. Many payment options are available to you just to make things easier. And rest assured, your payment information is protected using 256-bit SSL encryption.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Surely, while reading this EqualPlus review, the only thing on your mind is whether it works as they say. Thousands of people have used these glasses and have come online to attest to its effectiveness.

However, to completely clear your doubt, the manufacturer is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 30 days to try it out risk-free.

If within that 30 days, you find this eyeglass not to fulfill its claims, you’re free to return it for a full refund. Although you should make sure it is not damaged and returned in its original packaging.

What Are People Saying About EqualPlus?

“Very handy glasses to have around. They’re fully adjustable and compact enough to take anywhere. Mine has worked great and I’m impressed with the quality of how inexpensive they were. These are all I need.”Joseph A.

“Love these glasses! My normal glasses always seem to be out of focus all the time, but these inexpensive glasses can be adjusted to whatever I want. Perfect for reading at home or walking out in nature.”Wendy L.

“They’re the perfect quick fix for tired eyes! When my eyes are aching after a long workday in front of my computer, I like that I can remove my contacts and give my eyes a break with these adjustable glasses. Very convenient, and much needed relief for my tired eyes!”Shawn J.

FAQs [Equal Plus Glasses Review]

What spectrum does EqualPlus cover?

This adjustable eyeglass covers a broad range from -6.00 to +3.00

How do I change the focus on this eyeglass?

Simply use the dials on the side of the lenses to adjust the magnification until you achieve perfect vision.

How durable is equal plus?

Built with high-quality polycarbonate lens, equalplus is designed to handle rough situations.

Can anyone use equalplus?

Yes, absolutely anyone. Equalplus is designed to fit any gender or age and needs no prior expertise to use.

Do adjustable glasses really work?

Yes, EqualPlus adjustable glasses have shown that it is capable of doing what it claims. Many users have written good things about EqualPlus.


Visual disturbances are usually inevitable in many cases especially if your parents or grandparents had them.

The best option is to go get prescription glasses and halt the deterioration of your eyes. But then, would it be made to your taste?

EqualPlus literally hands you the controls to your eyesight. Its lens covers a wide spectrum so you can have perfect vision for both far and near objects.

With EqualPlus you wouldn’t have to keep changing eyeglasses as your eyesight gets better. You just need to adjust the lens using the dial beside the lens and you’re good.

Unlike others, equal plus eyeglass is very easy to maintain and saves you from the stress of constant cleaning. You also save up on the cost of changing your glasses every once in a while. With EqualPlus all you need to do is adjust and not buy a totally new eyeglass.

It’s clear how Equalplus is better than the traditional eyeglass. So to see how beautiful the world is while wearing stylish eyeglass, click the button below.