Coverlastic Reviews 2020 – Preserve You Sofa With This Miracle Sofa Cover

coverlastic reviews

Coverlastic Reviews

At the end of the day, we all love to go back to our homes filled with lifelong memories. Many of these memories are tied to our furniture and decorations.

I can vividly remember a sofa I couldn’t dispose of because of all the memories it held over time. No matter how old it got, I just couldn’t get rid of it.

The truth remains that with time, most of your furniture will get old and you’d have to replace them with a new one. Maybe your sofa has become saggy in the middle or has endured too many stains.

For people who own pets especially dogs, you know how frustrating it is if your dog keeps wrecking your sofa or cushion. This will result in buying new ones every now and then.

Our homes, especially the living room, are where we bond with family, friends, and strangers. It is where we build bonds and form memories. And everything in that space definitely holds the memories.

You can look at a chair or sofa and start reminiscing on everything that you’ve experienced on it. As humans, we hold memories dear and wouldn’t want to remove anything that’ll make us forget it.

However, when the time is up, you’ve got to change some furniture because it just doesn’t look good anymore. But I don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to buy new furniture because you already know.

What do you do then?

Innovation has come a long way in helping us solve daily problems in our lives. I might not help you with other furniture, but I’ll sure do for your couch, sofas or chairs. For a while now, sofa or couch covers have been a thing.

Although the major problem remained whether they’re durable and makes things better or worse. Over the years, a great deal of improvement has happened in this aspect.

To commemorate this improvement, coverlastic was made. This is a cover that promises to bring your old couch, sofa, or chair back to life again.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into this cover and see what it’s got.

What Is Coverlastic?

coverlastic reviews

From the name and brief description above, you might have caught on that this is a sofa cover. Coverlastic is a couch or sofa cover that perfectly fits your couch.

If you’re thinking of changing your sofa or couch but don’t have the budget, this article is for you. Coverlastic can totally transform your couch from old and dusty to new and attractive.

Coverlastic can also serve as protection for your new couch. If you just bought a new couch and you’re also known for spilling things, then coverlastic has you covered. It keeps your new couch new!

For people who have kids and/or pets, coverlastic is a great thing to have. It protects your couch or sofa against the tyranny of little kids and/or pets.

Coverlastic will save you from throwing out that old couch you love. That sofa your grandma gave you when you first got your apartment, or maybe the couch you bought when you made your first money. All these are memories and aren’t replaceable.

On the other hand, coverlastic also helps you protect your new couch from spillage, children, and pets. It basically keeps this new couch from being damaged either through tear or stains.

You might be imagining an oversized cover over your sofa giving it a shabby look. However, that isn’t the case. Coverlastic fits perfectly with your sofa or couch that an outsider can’t even tell that it isn’t the sofa itself.

It not only transforms your couch, it also gives your sitting room a new look. A good look.

Features Of Coverlastic

coverlastic review

1. WaterProof – One reason why people go for coverlastic is to avoid stains on their sofa. To accomplish this, coverlastic is made with a 100% liquid-repellent material. Therefore if any liquid spills on it, it just rolls away.

2. One Size Fits All – Coverlastic is made from elastic or stretchable material. There are different variations that you can use on your love seat, couch, armchair, and even beds. Once you buy the variant for what you want to cover, it can cover any size of it.

3. Children- And Pet-Friendly –This cover is made to protect your furniture from the harms of kids and pets. Children have the tendency to spill liquids or urinate on your sofa or chair. Pets on the other hand are known culprits for scratching and making a mess of your sofa. Coverlastic protects your sofa from all this.

4. Prevents Bad Smell – Coverlastic has a layer laced with ammonia deodorant. This layer prevents your sofa from oozing foul smell.

5. Easy To Use – Coverlastic is not some sort of technical product to use. Once you open that package, it’ll only take you a few minutes to perfectly cover up all your furniture.

6. Eco-Friendly – This sofa cover stops you from throwing out your old couches or chairs. This reduces the number of pollutants we have in the environment. As many people use coverlastic, the environment has been protected from millions of pollutant furniture.

7. Washable –You can’t wash your sofa and many are so difficult to clean. Coverlastiv takes that away. While covering your sofa, it can be easily washed or clean when something stains it. This way you wouldn’t have to buy coverlastic often.

Principle Behind Coverlastic

The main function of coverlastic is to add an extra layer to your couch or sofa. This might be for transformation or protection.

For an old couch, coverlastic does a transformative job by covering up all the stains and tears. This will make it look new and more attractive.

For a new sofa, coverlastic does more of a protective job. It does this by preventing liquid spills from touching the couch. It also protects it from the destructive activities of kids and pets.

So basically, coverlastic works by providing an extra layer to your sofa, either to transform or protect it. This depends on whether your couch/sofa is old or new.

Benefits Of Using Coverlastic

coverlastic reviews

Surely you wouldn’t just buy coverlastic because others are buying. There have to be some benefits enjoyed by owners of this sofa cover. A few of them are as follows.

1. Retain Your Memories

Furniture is a big part of our memories. The chair your grandpa gave you, the sofa your mum used when she was young, the couch you’ve had so many lit moments in. These are all memories you don’t want to let go of.

Throwing out the involved furniture feels like you just want to forget about that memory. Therefore we try our hardest to hold on to this furniture. But what if it’s all old and appalling to the eyes?

This is now where coverlastic works its magic. With this sofa cover, you wouldn’t have to throw that furniture out. It’ll cover those stains and tears on the sofa, giving it a whole new look.

This way, you’ll be transforming your old couch to look better while still retaining the memories it holds. It’s a win-win for you.

2. Saves You Money

Being affordable isn’t the only way coverlastic would save you money. Although it’s definitely budget-friendly and you’ll be surprised at how much it’s sold.

However, there are other ways coverlastic saves you money. Ever been to a furniture shop to check the prices of armchairs or sofas?

If yes, then you’d know they don’t come cheap. Throwing your old ones out means you’ll have to dip hands into your savings to buy a new one else you’ll start living on the floor. Depending on how large your savings is, it might be exhausted while buying furniture.

On the other hand, if you just bought a new couch, you don’t want it ruined. Using coverlastic to protect it prolongs its life. Therefore, you don’t have to consider buying another one for a very long time.

3. One Is Enough

You don’t have to keep changing coverlastic for your couch. It’s not a one-time use product. It’s a sofa cover that can be used for a very long time.

Thanks to its washable material, coverlastic can be easily washed or cleaned whenever needed. After drying it out, cover your sofa with it again and you’re good to go.

4. Allow Your Kids And Pets Run Free

Children and pets have been known enemies of couches and sofa. They either tear it or mess it up by urinating or spilling liquid on it. Allowing them a free pass at your sofa means a complete disaster for that sofa.

However, with coverlastic, you don’t have to be that strict with your children or pets. You can allow them to run free, even on your sofa. The difference this time around is that your sofa is well protected by coverlastic. It protects it from stains, tears, and bad smells.

5. Add A New Look To Your Home

Coverlastic doesn’t only transform your couch, it also gives your sitting room a whole new look. This sofa cover comes in different appealing colors.

Your work is to choose the color that suits your home better and brings out its elegance. There are so many color variations you can pick from. Hence, coverlastic makes your home look better while retaining all its memories.

How To Use Coverlastic

Before ordering for coverlastic, you’d first have to measure your sofa. Get your measuring tape and take all the needed measurements of your sofa. This will allow you to know the size of coverlastic to order.

Furthermore, you’d need to choose the color to order that’ll fit your home decor. You can try out a new color or just go with the same color of your couch if it’s available. Now it’s time to order.

When you’ve got the package, it’s easy to carry on from there. However, I’ll outline the steps you should go through to cover your furniture.

Step 1 –Look for the “BACK” label and place it at the middle of your couch’s back.

Step 2 –Stretch coverlastic to cover the sofa from front to back.

Step 3 –Spread the sofa cover over the arm rests.

Step 4 –Make sure the elastic band is under the four sides of the sofa

Step 5 –Tuck the sofa cover into the cushion to maintain the shape of the sofa.

Step 6 –Now, also tuck the included foam rollers into the cushion gap to ensure the sofa cover maintains its shape and form.

And that’s it. If you’re still confused, then the video below will be of great help to you.

Pros And Cons [Coverlastic Reviews]

Definitely, coverlastic isn’t infallible. It has its strength and weakness. In this section, we’ll talk about both sides and see if you can handle the disadvantages.


  • It is easy to use
  • The sofa cover is washable
  • It is liquid repellent
  • It has a velvety texture
  • It fits your sofa perfectly
  • Protects your sofa from kids and pets
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Stock is limited because of an increase in demand
  • You can only buy it from the official website
  • Shipping might delay a little due to current happenings

What Makes Coverlastic Special?

coverlastic reviews

Coverlastic is one of the best sofa covers available at the moment. This isn’t just talking, this sofa cover delivers on its promise according to many users.

It hides away the ugly side of your sofa, giving you something appealing to look at, and comfortable to sit on. You don’t need to throw away that old sofa yet, try out coverlastic and see the change happen right in front of you.

Alternatively, coverlastic serves as your shield against the destructive power of children and pets. You don’t have to worry about spill stains or tears anymore. Coverlastic is made to protect your sofa from that.

This sofa cover has a velvety texture making it very comfortable to sit on. It is durable and made of elastic material, hence it can fit any sofa.

Coverlastic is washable, therefore you can always pull it off your sofa and wash it if needed. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t get damaged if you wash it using a machine.

You’ll be prevented from blowing your budget on furniture if you use coverlastic. You don’t need to throw out that old sofa just yet, glow it up using coverlastic.

Who Is Coverlastic For?

This sofa cover can be used by anyone and everyone. Although, coverlastic might be a necessity for certain groups of people more than others.

If your furniture is old but your savings isn’t large and your budget is low, then coverlastic would be ideal for you. It can transform your old sofa and give it a totally new look.

Coverlastic is perfect for families with little children and pets. This sofa cover would protect your couch or sofa from being vandalized by children or pets.

If you rent out your place to people, then it’s best to get coverlastic. Some people are reckless and wild. They might throw parties, not minding what happens to your furniture. With coverlastic, at least you’re safe.

Should You Buy Coverlastic?

coverlastic reviews

This decision is totally on you. I’m writing this review to give you all the knowledge and details you need to make an informed buying decision.

However, I’d advise you to buy coverlastic. It’s one of those things you never regret buying because of how much it adds to your life.

Coverlastic saves you from blowing your savings on replacing old furniture. Just take a fraction of that money to buy this sofa cover and use the rest for something else.

This sofa cover transforms your old sofa and gives it a more appealing look. On the other hand, it protects your new sofa and keeps it safe from stains, dirt, and tear.

It is made from an elastic material, hence can fit almost any sofa. You just have to measure your sofa beforehand to know which variant to order.

Coverlastic is made with a liquid-repellent material therefore liquid just rolls off it. It is also washable, so if you feel there’s so much dust in it, you’re free to take it out and wash it.

It has a velvety texture, making it very comfortable to sit or lie on. The couch or sofa is usually the most used furniture in the sitting room and coverlastic isn’t about to change that, rather enhance it.

How Much Is Coverlastic?

For something that’ll transform the look of your sofa and sitting room as a whole, it’s not surprising if you think it’ll be nothing less than a hundred dollars. However, that isn’t the case.

As I’ve said earlier, coverlastic comes in different variations; chair, love seat, sofa, and XL sofa.

  • Chair– $44.99
  • Love seat– $59.99
  • Sofa – $79.99
  • XL sofa– $89.99

As you can see, not even the most expensive variant is up to a hundred bucks. However, you should know that coverlastic is currently being sold at a 50% discount. Therefore get yours now, before the discount expires.

Where To Buy It

Buying a good quality product would be your next worry if you’ve already decided to buy coverlastic. The best place to buy it is from its official website.

This way, you’ll be sure of getting an original sofa cover. To make things easier for you, click any button on this article and you’ll be taken directly to the official website.

During checkout, you’ll be asked for your shipping address and payment information. Don’t worry because your transaction is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

To make the shopping experience an easy one, you’ll be provided with different payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m sure the one thing you’re worried about is if this sofa cover will deliver as promised. It’s not your fault to doubt because a lot of reviewers tend to exaggerate products and claim what it can’t do.

However, in the case of coverlastic, it has gained so many positive reviews and testimonials from users all over the world. This is the reason why there’s a spike in its demand.

Furthermore, to clear your doubt, coverlastic comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you’d have 30 days after purchase to try out this product risk-free.

If coverlastic doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days, you’re free to return it for a full refund. However, remember to return it undamaged and in its original packaging.

FAQs [Coverlastic Review]

Will coverlastic fit my sofa?

Coverlastic is made with an elastic material and comes in four different variants. Therefore it’ll fit most if not all sofa sizes you might have.

Is coverlastic pet-friendly?

It sure is. This sofa cover is reinforced with an ammonia deodorozing finish that’ll eliminate any bad odor.

How should I wash coverlastic?

Wash this sofa cover in 30°C / 86°F. Always use mild detergents. Do not use bleach, or wash together with other laundry. After washing DO NOT tumble dry the sofa cover and DO NOT iron it.


Reading up to this point means you’ve gotten enough information about coverlastic and already made up your mind to get one.

Coverlastic doesn’t only transform your old couch, it also serves as a shield for your new one. It is a great money-saver as it’ll either prevent you from buying a new couch or protect the new one you bought from getting ruined.

Those memories attached to this furniture are part of who you are. And throwing away this furniture feels like erasing these memories. Coverlastic is here to prevent that and buying it will be a spend you’ll come to appreciate. Click the button below to get yours.