Barxbuddy Reviews [2020] – Control Your Dog’s Barking

barxbuddy reviews

Barxbuddy Reviews

Many of us love dogs because of their friendly and loyal nature. A dog will always stay by you no matter what and we love that trait.

Just like we communicate by talking, dogs communicate through barking and body movements. They bark when they’re happy, sad, or at high alert.

Although they bark for everything, there are different tones to it. As a dog owner, you could probably decipher what the situation is just from hearing it.

Just like with everything else, barking can also become a nuisance. Many times we usually avoid that friend that talks a lot and never stops. In the case of your dog, you can’t avoid it because you live together.

You might have had a stressful day at work hoping to come home in the evening to relax. However, your dog thinks otherwise. His excessive barking will snatch that hope of rest from you.

If you live in a neighborhood know for serenity and quietness, you’ll always receive complaints from people. They’ll complain about your dog’s incessant and loud barks and how it disturbs their day.

In as much as you love your dog, a mannerless dog is harmful not just to you but the society at large. It can exhibit any form of bad behavior.

To handle this, a lot of people take their dogs to obedience classes. However, it doesn’t work for every dog. If that doesn’t work, what do you do now?

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue once again. There’s a device made solely for this and it has proven to work wonders.

This device is called Barxbuddy and it has become a well-known device all around the world because of its effectiveness.

Now, just relax and read through this article to know what this device is really about and if your dog needs it.

What Is Barxbuddy?

barxbuddy reviews

Barxbuddy is a piece of technology that uses ultrasound and LED lights to put your dog in a quiet mood. Therefore it can be used for dogs that bark all the time.

Ultrasound means a very high-frequency sound. Luckily, humans have a limited range of sound they can hear. Therefore we aren’t affected by the sound produced by Barxbuddy.

The sound emitted by this device can only be heard by dogs. It is too high to be heard by humans, cats, and other domestic animals. Therefore you should rest assured that it is not harmful to you or your other pets.

Also, it doesn’t harm your dog or put them in danger. Barxbuddy only uses this ultrasound to get their attention and make them stop barking. At most, it’ll just make them uncomfortable.

Let’s get scientific. Humans can hear sounds in the range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz while dogs can hear from 67Hz to 45,000Hz. Barxbuddy emits sound at 30,000Hz which is at the higher end of a dog’s hearing range.

With this, you can see that humans or other pets can’t hear Barxbuddy. On the other hand, dogs can but it won’t harm them.

The included LED light can also be used to catch the attention of your dog. This will help keep them quiet in combination with the ultrasound. The LED light can also serve other purposes like lighting up the dark if you walk your dog in the night.

Barxbuddy is in no way an intricate or complex device, it is very easy to use.

Barxbuddy Specifications

Battery9V battery (Not included)
Weight18.1 gram
Dimension12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm
Frequency 25KHz
Settings3 Modes (LED, training, and bark prevention)
ColorsBlack or yellow
Range of output10m

Features Of Barxbuddy

barxbuddy reviews

1. Ultrasound – Barxbuddy was specifically made to produce sounds only heard by dogs. This means you wouldn’t be able to hear it as the user. Barxbuddy produces sound at 30,000Hz which is audible to dogs but not humans or other pets.

2. LED –For better effectiveness, Barxbuddy included an LED light. Other than the high pitch sounds produced by this device, it can also catch your dog’s attention using LED light. Combined with ultrasound, it becomes a very powerful tool to make your dog quiet. The LED light can also be used as a flashlight while walking your dog.

3. Portable And Simple Design – Barxbuddy is designed to be taken anywhere. Its compact design makes it very portable.

4. Easy To Use – This device is not something you’ll have to read a book on before you can use it. Mere looking at Barxbuddy already tells you how to use it. You don’t need to be tech-savvy.

5. Works With All Dogs – This device would be pointless if it works on only certain breeds of dogs. Fortunately, it works excellently for all dogs.

How Does Barxbuddy Work?

barxbuddy review

The essence of Barxbuddy is to dissuade your dog from doing bad things. This device catches your dog’s attention using ultrasound and makes them focus on it.

Barxbuddy emits a high-frequency sound that is only audible to dogs. If your dog is barking, destroying your couch, or trying to jump the fence, all you have to do is use Barxbuddy.

When they hear this high pitch sound, it catches their attention and makes them focus totally on it. Therefore they leave whatever they’re doing to focus on that sound.

By doing just that, you’ve stopped your dog from engaging in that bad behavior. If your dog is more stubborn, then the LED light will add extra help. Some dogs respond better to visual stimuli. Ultrasound combined with LED lights from Barxbuddy will calm any dog down.

As advised by experts, only positive reinforcement training ever works on dogs. So immediately after they become quiet, it is important to reward them with a pat, scratch behind the ear, treat, or anything that makes your dog happy. This will let him know that’s the right thing to do.

Uses Of Barxbuddy

Some people say dogs are a blessing and a curse. Well, that’s not totally true. A well-trained dog is always a blessing to you. The problem here would be to train your dog well.

Sometimes, your dog can behave erratically and bark at nothing or anything that moves. He can also go on a rampage by destroying your cushions, digging, and chewing everything.

Trying to get them to stop this behavior can be stressful and frustrating especially if your dog is no more a puppy. This means obedience school will have little impact on his behavior.

Luckily, Barxbuddy can be used to stop all these bad behaviors. Whenever your dog is engaging in these behaviors and you use Barxbuddy, he will stop immediately.

Never forget to reward him after using Barxbuddy. Continuous use of Barxbuddy and positive reinforcement will make your dog completely stop those bad behaviors like incessant barking and digging.

Benefits Of Barxbuddy

barxbuddy review

There’ll be no point using Barxbuddy if it doesn’t benefit you or your dog in any way. Here are some of the benefits of using Barxbuddy.

1. Train Your Dog

Many of us would love to have a dog. However, when we think of what it takes to train one, we’re discouraged. It only takes a true dog lover to endure through those dark days.

Dogs are loyal to the core but can be a handful sometimes. Usually, words are used to train dogs but they don’t work every time.

Barxbuddy makes things a little easier for you, especially if you’re a first-time dog owner. In addition to word training, barxbuddy will help train your dog in good habits.

Continuous use of barxbuddy will completely stop your dog from engaging in those unwanted activities like excessive barking or chewing on everything.

2. Protect Yourself

You might not own a dog but live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs. In the past, there’s a road I don’t pass because of the aggressive dog around there. You’ve likely gone through this before too.

In this case, Barxbuddy would have been a huge help to me. If I had this device, I can safely pass that road without fear. This is because, once I press the button, that ferocious dog will become calm and focus on the sound.

Barxbuddy can also protect you from stray and rabid dogs. It can be a lifesaver to you while passing an alley.

3. Saves You Money

Of course, Barxbuddy is cheap and affordable but that’s not the way it saves you money.

A dog with bad manners and behavior tends to damage a lot of things. He can rip your couch, chew and bite on everything, etc. Well, unless you have an extra couch in a store somewhere, then you know how expensive a new one is.

In the long run, all these little damages will culminate into expenses. You might not notice them at first but with time it becomes harder to bear.

Barxbuddy discourages your dog from engaging in such damaging activities. Once you use this device, your dog leaves everything and focuses on the sound.

If you use this device in combination with positive reinforcement, your dog will eventually stop those destructive behaviors.

How To Use Barxbuddy

As I’ve said earlier, barxbuddy is very easy and straightforward to use. Let me walk you through the steps on how to use this device.

Step 1 –Get near your dog whenever he starts barking. Remember not to tell because it’ll only make matters worse.

Step 2 –Make sure you position yourself in front of your dog so that he can see you. Point Barxbuddy at him and press the button.

Step 3 – Take a step towards your dog. This will coerce him into stepping backward or sitting down further enhancing your training.

Step 4 –If your dog has refused to back down, use the LED light. Ultrasound combined with visual stimulation tends to do a better job.

Step 5 –Once your dog stops barking, release the button on Barxbuddy. Allow your dog to remain calm for some moment.

Step 6 –Reinforcement your dog positively with treats, praise, or attention. This makes them understand that you’re happy with them for doing the right thing.

Always keep Barxbuddy near you so that you can train your dog whenever the opportunity arises.

Pros And Cons [Barxbuddy Reviews]

Like everything else, Barxbuddy comes with its good and bad sides. In this section, we’ll weigh the two and see which surpasses.


  • It is portable
  • Safe to use
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Works on all dogs
  • Has a range of 50 feet
  • No setup required
  • Works with battery
  • Durable
  • Comes with LED light
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee


  • It is only available on its official website
  • Stock is limited due to an increase in demand
  • It is not dog-specific as it works the same on any dog around.

What Makes Barxbuddy Special?

barxbuddy reviews

Barxbuddy has become popular worldwide because of how effective it is at stopping dogs from barking excessively.

It doesn’t only stop them from incessant barking, it also discourages them from engaging in destructive activities such as digging and chewing. Barxbuddy helps train your dog in good behavior and manners.

This device is specially made for dogs. This is evidenced by the fact that only dogs can hear the sound produced by Barxbuddy. Both you and any other pets you might have wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Barxbuddy is so compact that it easily fits into your hand like a little flashlight. The design is simple and minimalistic making it sleek. This device is very easy to use. No technical knowledge whatsoever is needed to operate Barxbuddy.

This device also works for every breed of dog. So it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have, Barxbuddy will ensure he stops barking excessively and disturbing everyone.

Due to its effectiveness, it can also be used by people who don’t even own dogs. In this case, to protect themselves from rabid and stray dogs.

Who Is Barxbuddy For?

Basically, Barxbuddy is for anyone who owns a dog and wants to enforce good behaviors. While dogs are loved by everyone, it is quite easy for them to slip into the bad side by being destructive and barking excessively.

If you own a dog that barks at nothing and everything, then Barxbuddy is ideal for you. It’ll help keep your dog in a quiet mood when used. Continuous use of Barxbuddy will eventually teach your dog that excessive barking is bad.

Incessant barking isn’t the only problem. If you have a dog that digs everywhere in the compound, chews or bites on everything, and damages your sofa, then Barxbuddy is perfect for you.

All you have to do is push the button and see the magic happen. Your dog will immediately stop whatever destructive act he was engaged in to focus on the sound produced by Barxbuddy.

Barxbuddy is also for you if you’re scared of dogs and live in a neighborhood full of them. Once you feel like a dog is coming at you, just press the button and he’ll stay still. This device can also save you from stray and rabid dogs.

Should You Buy Barxbuddy?

This article aims to provide you with sufficient knowledge of Barxbuddy so that you can make an informed buying decision. Therefore, the decision to buy is yours to make.

However, I’d advise you to buy this device. As a dog owner, this is a device you won’t regret buying. It makes training your dog less of a burden to you.

In the long run, Barxbuddy will enhance positive behavior in your dog. This will make you and your family rest easy and have peace of mind.

You don’t need to worry about safety. This device is harmless to everyone involved. You can’t even hear the sound made by this device. Your dog hears it, but it poses no harm to him. Everybody is safe.

How Much Is Barxbuddy?

Many people will pay any amount required just to train their dogs. While that is true, not everyone has that kind of money and not all expensive training is effective.

Since barxbuddy has been shown to be effective by many users, you might think it’ll be very expensive. But no, it isn’t.

Barxbuddy is sold for just $39.95.

However, it’s noteworthy to know that barxbuddy is currently being sold at a 50% discount. You should grab yours now before it goes back to its original price of $79.99.

Where To Buy It

If you’ve settled on buying Barxbuddy then your next concern would be where to buy it. This entails making sure you get the original product and not a fake.

The only place you should buy Barxbuddy is from the official website. This will ensure that you get a high-quality product that is as effective as what you’ve read here.

Buying from other vendors is very risky as the quality isn’t guaranteed. However, Barxbuddy’s official website guarantees the quality of its products.

To make things easier, you can click on the buttons on this article to take you directly to the official website. If you buy from that official website, you’ll be able to partake in the available discounts and promos.

While checking out, you’ll be required to put in your shipping address and payment information. Don’t be worried because your payment info is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption.

You’d be provided with multiple payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc.

Barxbuddy Customer Reviews

Most days I go for a walk and carry a stick. never know if a stray dog is around. Now I carry this small device to protect from dogs. it totally works. just press the button, the dog will run off. can’t believe how easy it is to carry and use. much better than a heavy stick. love it !!!

Jamie Newbury

Works awesome keeping my dogs from barking out the front window or outside and try to bark through the fence. Telling them to stop or lie down didn’t do any good. Didn’t take long before I didn’t have to push the button anymore. They stop barking as soon as I pull it out. . .

Charmaine Davis

Family road trips were a nightmare with our dog would whining nonstop. It was so loud and annoying!! We were desperate. We tried this and it worked so well! After a few tries, he would quiet down just by showing it to him. It’s MAGIC!

Howard Schindler

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

People are becoming wary of buying things online due to many scams. While reading this article, I’m sure you were worried if this device will perform as you’ve just read. It’s not your fault, a lot of review websites tend to exaggerate products.

In the case of Barxbuddy, it has gotten so many positive reviews and testimonials from thousands of users all over the world. It has been praised for its delivery and effectiveness.

To further clear your doubt, Barxbuddy comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you’ll have 30 days to test for all the claims Barxbuddy has made.

If within that 30 days you find Barxbuddy to perform below your expectations, you’re free to return it for a full refund. Although remember to retire it undamaged and in its original packaging.

FAQs [Barxbuddy Review]

Do I need to buy an additional device?

No, you don’t. Unlike many of its alternatives, Barxbuddy does not require additional devices to function. Once you get it, you’re good to go.

Does Barxbuddy work on every dog?

Yes, it does. Barxbuddy has been tested on many dog breeds and it worked perfectly. Your dog should respond to barxbuddy as expected.

Will this device hurt my dog?

Absolutely not. Barxbuddy emits high pitch sound only to get your dog’s attention and not hurt him.

Can I use Barxbuddy for my cat?

No. Barxbuddy is specially made for dogs.


Dogs are no doubt man’s best friend. Training them to have the best possible behavior is the dedication of owning a dog.

Sometimes after all you’ve done, you still can’t explain why your dog is exhibiting bad behaviors. This is especially so for first-time owners and those who adopted adult dogs.

You and your family don’t need to manage the dog like that. Barxbuddy is a device that is meant for situations like this.

With the combination of Barxbuddy and positive reinforcement, you’ll be surprised how your dog will turn a new life and shy away from unwanted behaviors.

Every dog owner should have Barxbuddy. This ensures that your dog grows into a well-mannered and loved canine buddy. Click the button below to get your Barxbuddy.