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4Keeps Roses Reviews

Giving gifts to our loved ones has been one of the oldest tradition ever to exist. We use gifts to remind people that we still think about them and wish them well.

As is usually said, no man is an island, therefore we strive to maintain our relationship with others. And sometimes, material things are needed to show love and adoration.

Now, think about it. What is the most used gift to show love no matter the occasion?

Yep, you’re right if you thought flowers. You’re even more right if you thought roses. I’m sure you’ve seen it many times where a red rose is being given, whether in movies or right before your eyes.

Roses are commonly associated with love and romance. Additionally, its meaning can vary based on color.

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance and are the perfect Valentine’s Day rose.
  • Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.
  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion.
  • YellowYellow roses symbolize friendship.
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity.

While different colors have different meanings, the number of roses you send also signifies a particular romantic message.

  • One rose symbolizes love at first sight.
  • Two roses symbolize shared and deep love.
  • Three roses say “I love you”.
  • Six roses say “I want to be yours”.
  • Seven roses say “I’m infatuated with you”.
  • Nine roses symbolize eternal love.
  • Ten roses say “You’re perfect”.

Whew, that’s a lot of romance in one place. Roses aren’t used for just romantic gestures, it can be used for mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, or any other special day.

However, there’s one problem with roses. While it signify love, life, and romance, it also comes with a big flaw. This has made people look for other alternatives while gifting. Now let’s look at what’s wrong with a rose. Shall we?

The Problem With Roses

4keeps rose review

Just last week, I gave a rose to my girlfriend and it was a symbol of my love and care for her. I want to show that my love and affection for her will last for eternity. But if you think about it, how will a rose symbolize that?

Roses die off so quickly as they only last days after being cut. Putting them in water can extend their life but not by much. So the question is; how will something that dies off easily signify your undying love?

I’m sure you get it now. While a rose is perfect to show affection, it doesn’t convey its timelessness. So what’s the best alternative?

Well, still roses, but a different kind. It’s called 4keeps roses.

What Are 4Keep Roses?

4keeps roses reviews

I’m sure somewhere in your mind you’re already thinking of those artificial roses. However, that’s not the case here. 4keeps roses are 100% natural roses. But how do they differ from your regular rose?

The principle 4keeps rose is to provide you with a gift that will symbolize your undying love and affection. To achieve this, the company developed a special process used to preserve roses.

Unlike the regular roses that wither after few days, 4keeps roses stay fresh for a minimum of 12 months. That’s a lot of time. This way, the recipient can always remember you whenever they look at it.

Don’t think for a second that 4keeps roses are subpar. They are handpicked from the best gardens and sent to company experts who specialize in preservation. This special rose is as natural as a newly cut rose, no difference.

All our life is built on memory and we tend to attach certain memories to certain objects, whether good or bad. With a rose that lasts for a very long time, you’ll be sure that the recipient will always think about a special moment with you whenever they look at it.

4keep roses stand out as an excellent choice for a gift, whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, siblings, mother, father, or friends. It shows your undying care and affection for them, and they’d always remember you.

From the name you can already deduce that these are roses for keeps. Don’t miss out on it.

Things To Consider Before Getting 4Keeps Roses

4keeps roses reviews

Before considering to get 4keeps flower, there are things you should think about first.

  • Do you prefer a bouquet of roses or a single rose?
  • Do you mind how long a rose lasts and does it matter to you?
  • Are you passionate about roses?
  • Are you able to pay more for 4keeps roses?
  • Is your preferred color available as a 4keep rose? (More on this later)

As you can see, these are things you have to think about before deciding to buy a 4keep rose. However, once you’ve decided to get 4keep roses, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret it.

Notice: Preserved roses like 4keeps roses are 100% natural. Instead of putting in water, special coatings and processes are applied to prolong its life.

Features Of 4Keeps Roses

  1. Long Lifespan – This is the main selling point of 4keeps roses. They’re able to last for more than a year while still remaining fresh. Your normal rose can barely stay past a week.
  2. Different Vibrant Colors – 4keeps roses are natural and also comes in many colors as the regular roses. Its colors are unique and eye-catching.
  3. 100% Natural – Don’t think of 4keeps roses as one of those synthetic roses. It’s a totally natural rose, only preserved better.
  4. Handmade –This special rose isn’t rushed or made poorly. A lot of care and attention is put into its making which is why it comes out great.
  5. No Toxic Chemicals – 4keeps roses are natural and safe all the way. It is safe to keep in your living room because it is not coated with any toxic chemicals or allergens.
  6. Easy To Care For –This special rose doesn’t require constant watering or sunlight. It’s low maintenance.

What Are The Benefits Of 4Keeps Roses?

4keeps roses reviews

For everything we buy or use, there has to be a benefit or edge it has over the alternative. And it is not different for 4keeps roses. There are certain benefits you stand to enjoy if you buy this special rose. Some of them include;

1. Properly Show Your Timeless Affection

4keeps roses have come up with a process to preserve roses for a year or more. This grants you and the recipient a common object to serve as a link for love and affection.

Normal roses signify your love quite alright, but it doesn’t quite get the timelessness right. However, with the longevity of 4keeps roses, they concretely symbolize that your love for them is for eternity.

Every time that person sees that flower, he/she is prompted to remember a fond memory of you. These tiny things are what really keep a relationship going, whether with your spouse, siblings, or parents.

As it is always said, if you want to do something, do it right!

2. Show Your Love In different Colours

All you see around is indeed red roses, however, there are so many colors available. They are less commonly used but still in existence.

As I said earlier, different colors of rose portray different meanings. If you’re a flower enthusiast, you’ll probably know about this already. The color you buy now depends on the occasion you want to use it.

4keeps roses provide you with an array of unique colors that would be difficult to find at a flower stand or store.

3. Send A Collection Instead Of Bouquet

The usual pattern is to buy or send a bouquet to your loved ones. The fullness of the bouquet usually makes the package all vibrant and appealing.

However, that isn’t the case every time. 4keeps roses come in collections instead of bouquets. These special roses are single but can be packaged into a collection to express your feelings in the right manner.

With the right mixture of colors in a collection, you can easily express your feelings to your loved ones. It is a fact that colors stimulate different parts of our memories, therefore it’ll make them always remember you.

An example of such a collection is the dark knight trio. It contains rose buds with shades of blue, ruby wine, and mystic dark. From this color spectrum, it shows that this assortment is dark, hot, and sensual.

4. Suitable As A Gift For Anyone

More often than not, we’re confused as to what to get people. It’s usually commonplace to get others what they don’t have or what they need. This way they’d be able to cherish it.

However, a practical gift isn’t the best choice all the time. Sometimes, you just need a commemorative gift that will strike a memory in the recipient whenever they see it.

Flowers have served this purpose for ages. Unfortunately, they die off too fast before the memories become engraved. This is where 4keeps roses come in.

4keeps roses are made to last more than a year without withering like regular flowers. This way it becomes a memento rather than just a gift.

This specially preserved rose is a perfect gift for everybody, whether family or not. It’s not gender or age-specific. We’re emotional beings, we love things with emotional attachment. And 4Keep roses are made to fulfill that.

The flamboyance of a rose is better felt with 4keeps rose!

Regular Rose Vs 4Keeps Rose

Regular Rose4Keeps Rose
Dies of within daysLasts for up to 2 years
Requires constant watering and sunshineLow maintenance; does not need water or sunshine
Have fewer color variantsHave more unique colors
Comes as bouquetComes as collections and assortments

Pros And Cons [4Keeps Roses Reviews]

It’d be insincere to say that nothing in this life has good and bad sides. It’s no different for 4keeps rose. However, many good things tend to have more advantages than disadvantages, and that’s exactly what 4keeps roses have.


  • Last more than 12 months
  • Comes in unique colors
  • Has different collections and assortments
  • Properly symbolizes your love and affection
  • Perfect gift item
  • Contains no toxic chemical as a preservative
  • 100 % natural
  • Roses handpicked from the best gardens


  • Comes as single roses instead of a bouquet
  • It is relatively expensive compared to the regular rose.
  • It might not be as appealing to someone who loves a vibrant bouquet.

Once the demerits of this special rose don’t bother you, then you’re in for the experience of your life. The recipient of 4keeps roses will cherish it for a long time while remembering you.

What Makes 4Keeps Roses Unique?

4keeps rose reviews

You might wonder why 4keeps rose and not others. As a matter of fact, there have been conscious efforts made by the company to make their roses very unique, exceptional, and extraordinary.

As I’ve said severally, 4keeps roses are handpicked from the best gardens in the Andes mountains. In addition to this, the company has developed a very effective but safe method of preserving the life of roses.

More than 100 steps are involved in the process used to preserve 4keeps roses. A lot of thought goes into each rose because of the sheer amount of time and assets required to preserve it.

While many other companies preserve roses, 4keeps roses make sure to stay away from toxic chemicals. The fixings used to prolong the life of roses by 4keeps is 100% safe.

To show the uniqueness and flamboyance of 4keeps roses, over 50,000 people have gotten themselves one or more. This goes to show how expressive 4keeps roses are. It’s just the right choice.

Today it’s easy to do market research before buying anything because of the internet. Once you search for 4keeps roses online, you’d be flooded with so many positive reviews that you’ll wonder if downsides even exist to it. Some of these reviews will be shown later in this article.

How Do I Take Care Of 4Keeps Roses?

Preserved roses require minimal maintenance. Keep your roses away from sunlight and moisture and your roses will continue to keep the look and feel of fresh roses month after month. Please do not remove your roses from your box.

  • No refrigeration
  • No direct sunlight
  • No water
  • Use indoors only

Are 4Keeps Roses The Perfect Gift?

4keeps roses review

Gifts are a symbol of love and appreciation. For better expression, it’s best to buy a proper gift or rather something that best symbolizes your intention.

Many times people go for practical gifts, and that’s fine. However, most time people cherish emotional gifts or mementos even better. Something they can just look at and remember fond moments with you.

4keeps roses are the perfect gift for every occasion. It not only symbolizes your love and affection, but it also emphasizes its timeless nature.

It can be given to your partner during Valentine, your parents during father’s/mother’s day, and even your siblings and friends. 4keeps roses can literally fit into any occasion.

4Keeps Roses Customer Reviews

As you’ll see soon enough, 4keeps roses have been met with so much positive feedback that many people don’t need to read much about it before deciding to buy. Now, let’s look at a few.

Bought this for my gf for Valentine’s Day and I have to say, it looks 100x better than how it’s displayed on the website. Not just that, but I got it in two days! Even though I chose the 6-8 business days (free shipping) option. Great overall experience.

Allen D.

I got the six pack for my house for decoration thinking it would make a great fit. Got them in 2 days. They are very beautiful, don’t cost an arm and a leg and everything said is true and better. I’m very happy with both the product I received and the service.

Christie A.

I ordered 3 of these as a Christmas present for women in my family and was pleasantly surprised with the appearance and quality for the price charged.

Lionel N.

This is very very pretty. So beautiful. So unique and elegant looking. It is such a cute size. The rose is a pretty color of red. Looks so real. Gave this as a gift for my mother she really likes it.

Geena P.

Should You Buy 4Keeps Roses?

This article is a review article meant to outline the features, benefits, pros, and cons of 4keeps roses. The decision to go ahead and buy this special flower is totally yours to make.

However, if you’re already contemplating a gift to give someone special, then 4keeps rose is definitely for you. There are no two ways about it.

If looking for a gift, whether for now or in the future, I’d suggest you buy 4keeps roses as it is the perfect symbol for eternal love and appreciation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The bone of contention here is that 4keeps roses are relatively more expensive than your regular roses. This makes it sound far-fetched to the average person, however, it serves its purpose well once bought.

While you can buy a single 4keeps rose, packages of three and six are available. And these packages are better because the unit price is way cheaper.

  • One rose: $39.99
  • Three roses: $78.99
  • Six roses: $119.97

As you can already see, the more you buy, the cheaper each rose becomes.

Note that free shipping is available, however only to certain parts of the U.S.

4keeps roses review

Where To Order 4Keeps Roses From?

This review can’t come to an end without talking about where to order these special roses from. The only safe place to get 4keeps roses from is through its official website.

In doing so, you’ll be sure of getting a genuine product and not a fake or counterfeit. Additionally, you’ll be entitled to any available promos and discounts.

You could click any button in this article to be taken directly to the official website. Once there, you’ll be presented with the available options and the choice is yours.

After picking a package, you’d be prompted to put in your shipping and payment details. Do not worry because your payment information is protected using 256-bit SSL encryption.

For convenient shopping, you’d be provided with several payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Salient Points About 4Keeps Roses

This article is already running long since we’ve been talking about the details of 4keeps roses. However, if you skimmed through it then this section is for you. The following bullet points are the highlight of 4keeps roses.

  • Get a flower that can stay up to 2 years without wilting.
  • Express your undying love and affection perfectly.
  • 100% natural but preserved roses.
  • Perfect gift for every occasion
  • Very easy to care for and maintain.
  • Best quality.
  • Comes in collections and assortments.
  • Unique and vibrant colors.
  • Offers you a luxury brand experience
  • Has a 4.9/5 star rating

As you can already see, 4keeps rose is the perfect gift.

FAQs [4Keeps Rose Review]

What are preserved flower?

Preserved roses are natural roses that undergo different conditions to allow preservation, without jeopardizing the rose’s natural beauty. Preservation allows them to last for years.

How long does 4keeps roses last?

This special rose can last for about 2 to 3 years.

Does 4keeps roses have warranty?

Yes, they do. Any preserved rose coming from this company is guaranteed to last for at least one year.

Conclusion [4Keeps Roses Review]

Gifting has been an innate way to show love and appreciation over the years. And it’s not going away anytime soon. The problem remains to find their perfect gift for each occasion.

Many times people buy practical gifts for others and that’s fine. If your sibling is in dire need of a laptop, then gifting them one isn’t a bad idea.

However, it’s not all the time that you can do that. Sometimes you just need some sort of memento to capture memories. And nothing does that better than 4keeps roses.

4keeps roses best symbolize the timelessness of your love, care, and affection. It’s not a flower that’ll die off after few days. It will always be there to trigger memories and make the recipient smile at the very least.

From many of the online reviews, it’s evident that 4keeps roses are extraordinary and look better than the pictures you see. For the best experience, you should join the growing community of people giving 4keeps roses as gifts. Click the button below to get yours.